Support An Author Book Review By “J’son M. Lee” 2/20/2012

book review written by j'son

book review written by j'son

Sins Of The Mother – OFFICIAL, February 15, 2012

By Foresight Literary Lounge “J’son M. Lee”
This review is from: If These Trees Could Talk (Kindle Edition) …
“If These Trees Could Talk”, by Brian W. Smith, is the story of two young boys from opposite sides of the track. Josh is white and Stevie is black. Josh is poor and Stevie is from a middle class family. This unlikely twosome share a painful reality – they both are being sexually victimized by their mother’s boyfriends. The two boys find solace amid the trees, and it is there that they devise a plan to rid each other of their tormenters…once and for all. Smith is a masterful wordsmith who brilliantly transports you through time and space. The author takes the reader on an agonizing and painful journey of molestation as seen through the eyes of two young boys. With a story line that flows effortlessly, the author almost forces you to experience a progression of emotions that range from empathy, hate, fear, revulsion to hope. “If These Trees Could Talk” creatively brings the taboo subject of molestation to the forefront. With a riveting plot and twists that will leave you breathless, Smith manages to weave a tale of pain and promise. I look forward to reading other titles by this author.

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