DJ Gatsby Book Club / WB Media Group Spotlight: “The Soft Spoken Poet” Kottyn Campbell #IAMPOETRY “Believe”

Here at DJ Gatsby Book Club & WB Media Group we pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of Poetry & The Spoken Word Movement. Kottyn Campbell is just the type of artist we love to present because she is a such a very unique talent. Since publishing her first book of poetry in 2009 she has been on the road to success and with the release of her latest book #IAMPOETRY “Believe”  we feel this is her year.
 The Softest Voice in Poetry! Kottyn (cot-ton) 
The Soft Spoken Poet, Queen of her Own & the Lady of Love
kottyn 2She is Queen and she is more than a triple threat, first she a Poet, Second an Author, Third a Performer and then she is a business woman and her voice alone will have you hypnotized.
She surpasses most poets because of her ability to become the character in her poetry. Kottyn when she’s performing cannot be compared to anyone, partially because those that she has been inspired by range from friends, family and acquaintances.
God, joy, happiness, sadness and heartache that she has experienced over time has caused her to write the way she does. Wanting to make a difference in the way people love and express that love in any relationship.
Kottyn “SoftSpokenPoet has written books such as “He’s Beautiful to me”, “Strong in my woman” “The Love Letter”, “Sweet Mangos”  and “10 Reasons Why Black Men Stop Dating Black Women”. Kottyn has participated in her first anthology “Nights Playground” Nocturnal Naughtiness which she came up with the title designed the cover and contributed her writing. Night’s Playground” is a GPA MEDIA INC Presentation.
kottynThis woman, when performing on stage brings poetry to life. Her gorgeous legs, which are beautiful has been used has her signature in most of her books.
Her confident ways she states that she is Poetry which is the title of her new book “#IAMPOETRY “Believe” .
Her soft subtle flirty way gives you the illusion that she’s speaking only to you. She enjoys speaking on relationships and how they can be improved; she does that through her poetic flow. Her desire to have love and to be loved has sparked her interest to write for those who can’t write or say what’s on their hearts.
kottyn 3Kottyn is a business woman as well, she Markets and Promotes for GPA MEDIA INC. and Just Write…TheArtOf  Kottyn has also started filming for her new reality show “Writers Block”.
Kottyn was raised in Kansas City, KS.
Kottyn has been writing for over ten years and just decided in 2009 to publish her first book. Kottyn will continue to write and put out positive messages about love, happiness, romance and relationships until God says her time is done.
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DJ Gatsby Book Club Authors Spotlight: Terrance “Frazier Boy” Frazier & “The Devils Dust”

  • Every few years or so an author comes along who has a writing style that sets him apart from the typical writer & that author is Frazier Boy. He was introduced to readers in 2011 with the release of “The Hustle” on DC BookDiva Publications. He is now back with a new publishing company Thin Line Publishing and a new book “The Devils Dust”.  DJ Gatsby Book Club wants you to get reaquainted with this talented writer. 
    frazier boyWho is Terrance “Frazier Boy” Frazier ?
    I’m a loving father, who’s ambitious, motivated, driven and family oriented. I love to travel and meet new people. Not only do I want to entertain through my writing, I’m hoping to inspire the younger generation and get them to be receptive to want to think outside the box and be something other than a rapper, singer, or athlete.

The Devil’s Dust (Thin Line Publishing)

10338336_817230735018926_6643669890225467723_nA weekly dice game ends in bloodshed and an outstanding fatal body count of seven, and one lone survivor; Meeko Sanders, a hustler.
The friends and family members of the deceased are livid and inconsolable. With an understanding of zero, they desire nothing less than retribution-blood for blood!
As a hustler, in the era where the heroin epidemic has a strong hold of the city Meeko has been able to slide through the crevices and cracks of the dangerous St. Louis city streets, somehow managing to avoid run-Ins with the law, ducking jackboys and other envious dealers. However, with Meeko being the only one to survive the dice game slaughter, he’s fallen under the suspicious eyes of the relatives’ and friends of the victims.
Determined to stay alive, Meeko dodges bullets and uses his ‘hood sense’- along with his extensive resources-to survive the relentless attempts on his life. Will Meeko survive this nightmare or will he become another number of the St. Louis death toll.

The Hustle (DC Bookdiva Publications)

frazier 3Fresh off a ten year bid, Sean Martin anticipates picking up the pieces, and becoming the hottest rapper out of Missouri. Focused on changing his life, and putting his hustle skills to work in a different profession, Sean s dreams are stalled when he comes home and is faced with tragedy and the realization that he needs money to back his dreams. The fight to stay on the right path becomes more challenging by the day; money, family, women. Can Sean ride it out and stay focused enough to maintain his new found freedom or will he prove to be addicted to the hustle?

Contact Author Frazier Boy 

Poetic Genius and Bestselling Author James “Commissioner” Gordon a/k/a G.P.A returns…

Poetic Genius and Bestselling Author James Gordon a/k/a G.P.A Greatest Poet Alive returns….

gpa 2015 3

James Gordon is from the South Side of Chicago, where he currently resides. He has written under the pen name of G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive). He can be seen on the television shows Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Crisis, Mind Games, and Betrayal.

His titles as G.P.A. include The Confessional Heart of a Man, The Book of 24 Orgasms, The Mind of a Poetic Unsub, and the history making Revenge of the Orgasm and his latest book………

The Warmest Winter: A James Gordon Mystery

James Gordon

51jYEQznuRLA collage of a grisly murder, rampant adultery, questionable alibis, and heart halting truths heat up what is normally the frosty season of Chicago. Attorney James Gordon is thrust with the unenviable task of trying prove his friend’s innocence in a crime that defies the definition of horrible, while also combating his own demons. Chicago has never been this warm during the Winter.

DJGBC Authors Interview Series: Joy Elan “Institutional Freedom: A Collection of African American Studies Essays”

1. Tell our readers about yourself ?

Joy Elan on the Red Carpet at the Oakland,Ca Film "The UnNamed" (she was in the film ) Written & Produced by Elva NelsonHayes
Joy Elan on the Red Carpet at the Oakland,Ca Film “The UnNamed” (she was in the film ) Written & Produced by Elva NelsonHayes

I am from Oakland and Berkeley, CA (born in Berkeley but resided in Oakland) and I was born with a hearing loss due to an umbilical cord being wrapped around my neck. Fortunately, the doctors saved my life and I’ve been a fighter since then. My mother raised me to go after my dreams and never let anyone stop me. Despite being a Black woman with a hearing loss raised by a single mother, I graduated from UC Berkeley in THREE years and got my master’s degree from Stanford University. I am not the first to graduate from college since I come from a family of teachers. I am the first to graduate from UC Berkeley and Stanford University. To this day, I am still showing people that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, despite the obstacles that a person may face. I do not believe in excuses because my family does not believe in excuses (they are from Louisiana where racism was blatant). My family did not treat me differently and they trained me for the world I was living in. I learned as a child that people will make fun of me and tell me “no” but I cannot let them stop me from my destiny. I had teachers try to discourage me but I was confident in myself, thanks to my family’s support. It is easy to quit but it is better to prove people wrong and be a leader.

2. When and why did you first start begin writing?
I have always been a writer. My mom used to read to me when I was a child and I loved writing a stories. I learned later in life that there are different writing styles, such as stories, poetry, essays, and etc. Writing came naturally to me so I learned different techniques to improve my writing skills. I went to UC Berkeley’s Academic Talent Development Program when I was in the 8th grade for summer school to take a creative writing class. I always excelled in my English classes in middle school and high school.

joy3. What inspired you to write “Institutional Freedom: A Collection of African American Studies Essays?
I wrote poetry and a lot of my poetry were inspired by things I said and wrote in college. Two of my popular poems came from my essays (I’m A Survivor and Institutional Freedom). I wanted to share with the audience why I think and write the way I do so I decided to publish my essays. Also, I intend to go for my doctorate degree in the future and my work can be used to show my knowledge. I wanted to contribute to literature about different topics in the African American culture and get credit for my ideas. I did not want my ideas to go to waste and it was already written so it was not hard to compose the book and publish it.

4. Do you feel that you have a specific writing style?
I love to free write, throw all of my ideas on the paper and go back later and edit it. It works that way for my poetry and for any writing that I do. That is what I love about writing is that it is a canvas with words that can be rearranged later. It is never permanent because new ideas come all the time and I am able to expand on something that I put down.

5. How did you come up with the title “Institutional Freedom: A Collection of African American Studies Essays?
Institutional Freedom is from a poem called Institutional Freedom. The poem is about me being a prisoner of institutions such as higher learning and the work force, having degrees and being overqualified for many jobs, while trying to pay off student loans. My mother told me to call the book after the poem since I am teaching the world outside of a traditional classroom. I believe you can learn anything, anywhere. Learning does not have to take place in the classroom and if a person really believes that then they are not being open to learning new things.

6. Is there a message in this book that you want readers to grasp?
The message that I want people to grasp is that words have power and knowledge is power. I have two degrees from two prestigious universities hanging on my living room wall and they made money off of me. I want to show the world that I am going to make money of of them by showing what I learned from these universities. I wrote about different topics, such as family, education, political, media, and other issues and there is something in each of these topics that people can learn from. Also, it shows my progression as a writer and as a student and I am always a work in progress.

joy poster 27. Is there a Poet or writer that would you consider a mentor?
I love to read all kinds of books so a lot of writers inspire me. Actually, Angela Davis’ book, The Meaning of Freedom And Other Difficult Dialogues, was how I came up with the format of writing Institutional Freedom: A Collection of African American Studies Essays. She published her speeches and I thought it was a great idea for me to publish my essays. I am a music lover and Teena Marie is my favorite singer. She inspires me to write deep poems because she wrote songs that touched on political issues. I learn from musicians how to compose words and how to be a performer. I learn from writers how to write books.

8. Are there any new Poets or Writers that have grasped your interest?
Yes, there are a lot of talented poets and writers in Oakland and other parts of the San Francisco Bay Area. There are a few poets that I have met going to the open mics in the Bay Area that I support because it is important to support local artists. It depends on the day and mood that I am in where I will read or listen to their work. I am constantly evolving so I enjoy reading other people’s work. Also, it gives me a break from reading my own work and gives me different perspectives.

9. What are you some of your current projects?
Performing my poetry and working on the second edition of my second poetry book, Silence Is Not Always Golden: A Poetic Revolution. The first edition is raw and me being real because the world was not polite to me. The second edition will be clean versions of the poems and some newer pieces that I have written since I published the first one. It is still political and “in your face” but in a polite way.

10. Do you see poetry & writing as a career?
Yes, I do. Poetry is definitely my career since I perform my poetry. I am trying to branch out and travel to do features for shows. The longest poetry set that I have done was 15 minutes because I give people a performance. Writing is the foundation of my work so I will always be writing and publishing as long as I am able to.

joy elan 211. Do you recall how your interest in Writing Essays originated?
I love to share my ideas but my real interest came when I had a professor at UC Berkeley who told us to take the topics he suggested and write our claims as long as we had evidence to support our claims. I wrote some of my best papers in his class because he encouraged us to push ourselves and I was using references from books outside of the course. He did not limit us and as long as we were passionate about the topic, we got good grades. He was letting us be in control of our ideas and it shows when you read some of my work from his class. I am academic and I want to be a teacher so essay writing is part of academia and it is a passion. I love to research and create solutions. I do not always like to write essays, especially if it is a topic that I have no interest in. For the most part, if it is for a class that I am really interested and growing in, then I have the best essays in those classes.

12. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
The process. Sometimes I want to give people the first draft but I cannot do that, especially if I want to be taken seriously. I feel like the revisions is like editing who I am as a person and putting on my best face. I would like to show my flaws and be appreciated for the art in itself. Writing is one of those art forms that has to be perfected before presenting it.

13. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?
I love Terry McMillan’s work but then again, I love a lot of people’s work. I love to read and get a change of scenery in my imagination. It could be the way the author presented an issue or scene, their dialogue, the characters, etc. I read a lot of books in my English classes and they made me appreciate all kinds of authors from various genres.

joy elan14. Who designs your covers?
The poetry book covers were pictures that another person or I took. Institutional Freedom was designed by a graphic designer to fit the African American Studies theme and represent the UC Berkeley colors.

15. Did you learn anything from writing Institutional Freedom: A Collection of African American Studies Essays?
My words and ideas are permanently in the world and people will learn who I was even when I am gone. Instead of waiting for people to present solutions, I offered mine. It does not make me an expert in the subject but it does show that I did my homework (pun intended).

joy elan 416. Do you have any advice for aspiring Poets & Writers?
It is a journey and it is your baby. The ISBN is the social security number for the book so make sure you present your best final product. It is hard being a writer and harder to promote it. Keep pushing because you never know who will read your work and how their lives will be impacted. If you are in it for the money, then you will not do it for long. The gratification will come when a reader contacts you and tell you that you inspired them or changed their life and no amount of money can top that.

17. Do you have anything that you want to say to your readers before we finish this interview?
Thank you for your support and it is an honor to share my talent with you.

DJGBC Books Spotlight: NeNe Capri & BlaQue “Diamonds, Pumps & Glocks”

It’s just getting started….Diamonds Pumps and Glocks…. NeNe Capri and The BlaQue LiteraryAssassin Angel….let’s goo..2015 belongs to G Street…!!!‪#‎PAP‬..‪#‎BLP‬‪#‎GStreet‬  – George Sherman Hudson

***Just what the industry been waiting on!!! Two of the most talented females in the game have joined their pens!!! This book is about to raise the bar BACK to where it once was before the bubble gum book craze!!! Stay tuned coming soon! DIAMONDS, PUMPS & GLOCKS…EXCERPT!!!!

“You can do whatever you want to them. Just don’t bruise them or make them bleed from their asses. That shit is hard to explain at the ER,” Mrs. Olivia said as she extended her hand for the stack of money from one of the heads of the clique.
Olivia took the stack, tucked it in her clutch and headed to the door. Tonight was initiation night and they were all to play a part in the celebration.
An evil grin formed on Mink’s partially shaven, dark brown face as he moved towards Samiah, licking his lips and eyeing her curvy hips. He stopped only inches away from her and ran his finger along her arm making goose bumps form on the spot where he’d touched her.
“I want you for myself.” He looked at the bump of her ass in the soft cotton dress and his mouth watered. “I heard you had the type of pussy that a nigga need to just lay in,” he said softly, releasing warm air onto her neck.
Samiah cringed as she felt his rough hands slide up her smooth thigh.
He lifted the dress over her ass cheeks, resting his hand between her butter soft thighs. “We gonna watch the show while I get this fish ready,” he whispered as he positioned himself behind her, pulling her ass against his steel as he circled her clit eagerly awaiting his turn to do as he pleased with her.
1797473_973166959361211_4869736331113754271_n“Y’all niggas get with these bitches; I paid good money for them. Welcome to the family niggas,” he chuckled as he continued to assault Samiah’s clit while squeezing her tender breast.
Together the men drew close to Yanni, Nishay, a new girl named Tiny and Little Jerome. They took them by the hand then surrounded them with about five guys each. To Samiah’s surprise the first one chosen was little Jerome. They wasted no time bending him over and violating him. Tiny fell to her knees and took two dicks in her hand at a time.
Mink’s dick grew harder as he watched the sins of his brothers being displayed for everyone to see. To him the brotherhood was about sharing it all—loyalty, pockets full money and pussy on call. He even supplied boy pussy for his brother who got down like that. He slid his fingers back and forth in Samiah’s wetness enjoying the slight mumbles that escaped her lips involuntarily.
“You know you like this shit,” he said as he tickled her spot. “I’m not letting them get you. You’re for me. I’ma fuck this pussy real good, all night long. I’ma make sure you remember me.” He ran his tongue over her neck and pressed harder between her thighs.
Samiah allowed herself to feel the heat he was giving her. “I want it,” she whispered, trying to convince him that she wanted his unwanted advances.
Mink’s heart sank as her words played loud in his head. “What you want?”
“I want to feel what I heard was a big dick that you know how to use well,” she purred pressing her ass against him, feeling his now erect pole in her plush backside.
“Let’s go,” he growled accepting the challenge. Mink had heard she was the best and could take a dick to the back of her throat like a porn star to make a nigga sing in different languages every time.
“Y’all niggas have fun,” Mink said, grabbing Samiah by the throat and walking her out of the room.
As they eased down the hall Mink touched everything he could get his strong thirsty hands and mouth on. They passed a room where the door was wide open and saw the little white girl Britney and Sulleman. They were hitting little mama in every hole and poor Sulle had a line of niggas holding out their dicks and waiting their turn. Samiah quickly turned her head as the door to Mink’s room popped open and she was pushed roughly inside. Mink wasted no time going after what he wanted. He put the contents of his sweat pants on the nightstand as he stepped out of them, then pulled off his t-shirt. He pushed Samiah back on the bed and climbed between her legs with two swift moves. Mink slipped himself inside of her roughly.
Samiah braced herself for the size the others girls described as torture. Mink took pride in his reputation and began to uphold it with speed and precision. Samiah lay under him gripping him tightly as he drilled her without mercy.
Samiah looked over at the nightstand as he pumped and grunted. She then put in her request. “I want to feel you from the back,” she squeezed him between her thighs.
“Turn over,” he ordered, wasting no time at feeling her soft ass cheeks smack against his pelvis.
Mink went into a zone as her young body flinched with every thrust he delivered. “Don’t run,” he teased as he held her in place.
g streetSamiah tried to concentrate to ease the pain but the sound of his grunts and the painful cries of her family who were being violated in the surrounding rooms played in her head like a skipped record. With his every stroke her heart filled with rage. She rotated her eyes between the broken wooden headboard and the .45 that laid pretty on the nightstand. It was calling her name in time with Mink’s thrusts. Samiah battled with reaching out and grabbing it but the thought of fighting with him sent terror to the center of her bones. She had almost talked herself all the way out of it until she heard Yanni cry out in pain from the depths of her soul. She was begging and pleading, then the words ‘this is the last time’ rang out in Samiah’s mind in stereo. Samiah pushed herself back into Mink with force, causing him to moan and mumble her name. When he reached the edge of no return she pushed and pushed until he busted long and hard. As he stepped back from the bed she dove over, grabbing the gun and a pillow, then braced herself against the headboard squeezing off two into his chest.
Mink put his hand on his heart, gasped for air, eyes wide and full of fear because now he was no longer the predator, he had become the prey. She held the gun firm in her grip until he fell over between the bed and dresser, bleeding heavy and breathing slow.
Samiah waited until his last twitch, then she eased off the bed and slipped her dress over her blood splattered body. Holding the gun in her grip she eased to the door, slowly pulled it open and peeked into the hallway. The screams and grunts of both pain and pleasure filled the dilapidated dwelling, stealing the innocence of every little ear and eye in attendance. She passed the room once occupied by her friends but it was empty. Fully unaware of what she may see when she reached the other end of the hall, Samiah moved slowly toward the living room. Carefully she tiptoed until she came to the doorway and without caution she turned the corner and began to shoot, hitting heads and chest, sending niggas scattering in every direction.

DJGBC Authors Spotlight: National Bestselling Author & Publisher Sevyn McCray

pizap.com14285565507411Sevyn McCray is an Atlanta, Georgia native. She was raised on the Westside of Atlanta, where she attended both elementary and high school. Always having a love for reading anything that she could get her hands on, she starting writing short stories and poems. Sevyn was urged to enter an essay contest by her fifth grade teacher that was sponsored by the city’s Department of Public Safety. After winning her first contest, she continued to enter them and win them every month until she finished elementary school.
pizap.com14285539622762Writing became second nature and soon she was tutoring peers and assisting her teachers with grading English papers. Sevyn McCray joined the journalism club and had her own advice column as well as writing articles weekly. By the time she finished high school she knew that writing is what she wanted to do. Majoring in English education and criminal justice, Sevyn continued using her writing skills as a peer tutor all throughout her education. pizap.com14285538867791Using her writing, proofreading and editing skills, she tackled corporate america. She now resides south of Atlanta with her two children. Hard at work finishing her Masters in Creative Writing and in the lab, juggling between working at her newly formed publishing company Peach Dollhouse Publications co-owned with fellow author Chanel Smith (which is an imprint of SBR publications) and writing.
91Cvb6NweZL._SL1500_Her novel “The Real Block Wives of Atlanta” made it to the number #1 spot in African American fiction and stayed there for three weeks straight. It was published by SBR publications and it is currently available for download as well as in paperback along with her debut novel “What Da Lick Read? The Triple Cross” l.  *Check her out and stay abreast of everything Sevyn at or

DJ Gatsby Book Club “Books Of The Month” for March 2015

Join DJ Gatsby Book Club  as  we celebrate another month of interesting and educational reads. We have four selections which include books by Joy Elan, LaDonna Marie, James Gordon & Brenda Stokes Lee.   As always we encourage you to buy, read & review all of the books featured this month.

Institutional Freedom: A Collection of African American Studies Essays

Joy Elan

joyAs an African American Studies undergraduate student at University of California, Berkeley, Joy Elan wrote papers that revolved around African American life and culture in the United States. This book is a collection of her favorite and best essay topics where she explored different issues in the African American/Black community. The topics ranged from family, education, legal, gender, and political. Institutional Freedom: A Collection of African American Essays is Joy Elan’s voice and these were things that impacted her to be the person she is today: a writer, a teacher, a voice for change. She is presenting this to you to show you how to think outside the box. As she has said before, silence is not always golden and she definitely thinks that knowledge should always be shared.

The Warmest Winter: A James Gordon Mystery

James Gordon

51jYEQznuRLA collage of a grisly murder, rampant adultery, questionable alibis, and heart halting truths heat up what is normally the frosty season of Chicago. Attorney James Gordon is thrust with the unenviable task of trying prove his friend’s innocence in a crime that defies the definition of horrible, while also combating his own demons. Chicago has never been this warm during the Winter.

Lessons: Shattered Pieces Being Restored

LaDonna Marie

la donna 1Lessons: Shattered Pieces Being Restored We live in a day now that we experience so many things. Each life situations maybe ranging from joy, to sadness, and it becomes apart of our story. With the poetic scribes in this book, the author looks at the different life scenarios, the true, real and present issues. Author LaDonna focuses on thoughts about growing pains in life, the ones searching for love, and those who seek to become empowered to grow. It is the author’s hope that each person is able to find the strength to move forward and to seek healing and grow. It is the author’s belief that as you stand strong you will and can make in difficult times. You can rise higher, you can be greater, you can be restored.

Georgia On My Mind Box Collection: BBW, Interacial Erotic Romance Box Set

Brenda Stokes Lee

This Box Collection contains Amazon’s #1 Best Selling African American, Contemporary and Interracial Romance novel, Georgia on My Mind and its holiday sequel Georgia on My Mind This Christmas by Brenda Stokes Lee.
Georgia On My Mind ,
Interior Designer, Georgia Porter, aka Peaches is a strong independent woman. She is a BBW who is holding it down for her man, Charles. Unfortunately, after ten years in a dead end relationship, the beautiful Peaches is still single, thirty pounds heavier and paying all of the bills. To make matters worse, she’s about to be dumped. Along comes a sexy young man from her past, Rashawn, who is completely captivated by the BBW. Rashawn helps her get in shape and wants to help mend her broken heart. But Peaches insecurities won’t allow her to move on and open her heart for new love. See what happens when two men battle over this big, bold and beautiful woman. Who will she choose? Will she try something new, or will she try to salvage her failed relationship? You will not be leave what she does! Hint: Big girls get caught up too. brenda 3Georgia On My Mind This Christmas ,
Georgia Porter aka Peaches is a big, bold, beautiful, black woman who is living a fairytale life after marrying MBL Superstar Rashawn Hitman Martin. Unfortunately, post pregnancy weight gain has her convinced her handsome husband no longer finds her sexy. Embarrassed by her weight, the BBW refuses to allow her husband to see her nude. The Hitman is striking out in the bedroom and desperate for his wife’s attention. As if the couple doesn’t have enough problems… Rashawn’s baby sister shows up at their home, married to a man she dated for three days. Can this family in crisis get through the holidays without killing each other? Will the Hitman continue to strike out? Will Peaches resolve her self-esteem issues and give her man what he needs?

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DJ Gatsby Book Club “After Work” Meet & Greet Book Signing Tour @ Don Couqi White Plains. NY

DJ Gatsby Book Club is coming back to White Plains,NY as we bring our “After Work” Meet & Greet Book Signing Tour to Don Couqi White Plains. The tentative date is Thursday April 23rd from 6pm – 10pm. Authors if you live in the NYC Metro area and are interested in being part of this event call me @ 914.483.9496 or email me at to get specific details about attending.

179489_4791178297980_1423578213_n*A limited number of authors will be allowed to participate in the book signing so please Authors & Publishers RSVP by 5pm April 2nd, 2015

*The Official list Of Authors Attending Will Be Announced Soon.
*Vendors & Business Networking Professional Are Also Welcome.
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DJ Gatsby Book Club “Books of The Month” *January 2015

DJGBC is back with their coveted “Books of the Month” picks for January 2015. We have 5 must reads and we hope you enjoy them all. Please support DJGBC and this months authors by purchasing their books and posting book reviews in Amazon, Goodreads  as well as Barnes & Noble.

1. Georgia On My Mind Box Collection: BBW, Interacial Erotic Romance Box Set [Kindle Edition]

Brenda Stokes Lee


This Box Collection contains Amazon’s #1 Best Selling African American, Contemporary and Interracial Romance novel, Georgia on My Mind and its holiday sequel Georgia on My Mind This Christmas by Brenda Stokes Lee.
This is an interracial, multicultural, African American erotic romance or romance erotica. It is a novel which features either a WWBM sexual relationship, perhaps both. This e-book is considered romance erotica and contains explicit language, explicit sex scenes and some adult situations that some people may find offensive. This book is a complete work of fantasy and therefore is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18 and are NOT related by blood. It is NOT suitable or recommended for anyone under the age of 18 years of age.Brenda Stokes Lee

2. Uncharted Desires [Kindle Edition]

Leatrus Iversen


Growing up, Lydia Morrell longed to be accepted, wanted and above all…loved. Her childhood was a series of disappointments and let downs and as she grew older she discovered an easy way to have to the love and affection she desired, sex.
Lydia finally decides to settle down with one man but she finds herself becoming uninterested and sullen with her mundane life; that is until she meets her tall mysterious and gorgeous escape, Gregory Summit. Their sexual chemistry is everything that she has been craving and she cannot get enough of him.
Lydia finds herself falling deep for this seemingly perfect man until a series of events forces her to reconsider her emotions. Will she stay with him despite his flaws and the rumors or will she listen to her mind and not her heart and let him go?

3. Memoirs of the Homosexual President(told by the First Lady)Paperback

This is a suspense drama set in a historical fiction. Told through the eyes of ‘First Lady Birdy Belle. She recounts a life steeped in hatred and brutality at the hands of the American Confederacy. She eloquently tells the story of the man she loved and the man he loved as they all rose to prominence through hard work, politics and love.

*Book Review by By Cyrus Webb 
In it he discusses the life of a man who would become president through the voice of the some who loves him the most. Their relationship is not perfect, but it is something that she has determined herself to live with. Birdy Belle, however, is not without her own secrets. In the book you are able to see how not only her husband’s indiscretions are revealed but how she is able to discuss her own. We are also able to see how race relations in the 1800 were affected by them at the time, and the way that some were able to receive privileges but at a price.

4. The Words I Didn’t Say [Kindle Edition]

Tamika Newhouse


Janet had been there and done that when it came to love. After a broken heart love was no longer an option for her. No strings, meaningless sex, and random dates were now her top choices. Besides keeping men at a distance and away from her heart was safe right? You can t get hurt if you don’t let anybody in.

But what happens when you suddenly meet someone who just gets you? The moment she met Denim she knew it was something different, something she couldn’t control. And from day one she fought that four letter word, love. Denim had loved and lost and vowed to never feel for anyone ever again and that had worked for years. A successful music producer but a womanizer by nature the day he met Janet his quest to be unattached was challenged. Janet and Denim both fight what was evident, that they both wanted and needed each other. Vowing to just be in the moment and not commit to one another tension grows as their emotions can t be controlled. Random sex want do, the endless dates with unfamiliar faces is getting old, and everyone is compared to the one that matters, each other.

5. Sex & Surrender: An Addict’s Journey Paperback


SEX & SURRENDER follows the journey of A.D. Burks, a recovering sex addict. Raised predominantly in a single-parent religious-based home, A.D. was given every opportunity to succeed in life, and he did. He flourished in education, entertainment and corporate arenas, and his life appeared perfect. Yet deep down his personal life was tormenting him due to the conflict between his spiritual and sexual beliefs. Longing for the perfect/traditional family he never had with his female best-friend, he redirected his pain through countless forms of risky sexual behavior. Sex & Surrender graphically recounts the addictive cycle which lasted nearly 12 years and almost ended his life—until he had a dream that helped him realize he had to find a way out. Therapy and spiritual counseling provided a temporary respite and helped him devise a four-step process to manage his addiction. Yet his true breakthrough didn’t come until the root of his pain was uncovered.

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