DJ Gatsby Book Club “Books of the Month” for July 2014

Fresh off his trip to the Harlem Book Fair in New York City where he met tons of authors DJ Gatsby Is announcing his DJ Gatsby Book Club selections for the month of July. On this months list there are some familiar names and favorites as well as some newcomers. As always we encourage you to support African-American Literature and check out all of the books featured as well as “LIKE” our Facebook Fan Page at and “JOIN” our Facebook Group Page at  

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High So10534575_10203227213214578_5848117480869840909_nciety Gangster (The Caprese Crime Saga Series Book 1) by Thomas Long

To be a powerful and influential man is both a gift and a curse for Geno Caprese. As the head of the Caprese crime family and also as one of Baltimore’s most respected attorneys, Geno uses finesse and a string of savvy business maneuvers, as opposed to just brutal violence, to position himself at the top of the food chain in both the streets and the corporate world. He is a gangster unlike any of his predecessors. His father trained him well to live the life of a Boss. However, Geno soon discovers that there is hefty price to pay to be the King because someone always comes along to stake a claim to the throne. Faced with opposition from all angles, Geno soon learns that trust is hard to find and he has to rely on his own wits to protect himself and the ones he loves from harm.
High Society Gangster is a crime drama novel on another level. It’s a fast paced ride on the wild side that will have readers intrigued and totally tuned in to every move and decision made by each character. Hidden motives and secrets from the past unravel right before your eyes as the plot thickens. Thomas Long has put together another action packed read to make his readers think while they’re entertained at the same time.

Sexual Misconduct by Nicety10258263_491942997603004_3200927326027174864_o

Everyone has a bad side. It’s just that some people take theirs to a higher level than others. This Sexual Misconduct is real, it’s raw, it’s risqué and it’s a reader’s delight.

After a terrible tragedy, Starla and Chino Jacobs struggle to keep their marriage alive. All relationships are tough, though none quite like this. Starla loses herself in an indulgence that’s too difficult and toxic to break free from, Brian. Chino desperately wants to fight to keep their love strong but soon realizes he can’t do it alone. Although, once Ashley Baker enters the picture, she makes it hard for Chino to concentrate. But Starla won’t be going down without a fight.

Some marriages fail, but there are some that can be salvaged if both parties are willing to put in the work. Can Starla and Chino mend their marriage, or will their extramarital affairs prove too lustful and deadly?




Corporate Amerikkka by Blacc Topp

Tristen sighed heavily. He and his cousin Toby couldn t have been more different. He was Ricky to Toby s Dough Boy. He silently wished that he could be as strong and as vocal as Toby. Tristen Graham had worked his entire life toward achieving his academic goals. He d studied hard and graduated from M.I.T. at the top of his class. At 22 years old he stepped into a high paying executive position at one of the most prestigious software companies in Texas. Now that he s inside, racism, favoritism and a tight knit good old boy network threatens to derail all that Tristen has worked for, until he decides to fight back the only way he knows how……..with his brain.



From Gutter To Glory by Dr Kerlene Richardson

This autobiographical book is the story of the author’s experience as a young immigrant from Jamaica. The author details her journey of homelessness after being kicked out of her mother’s house. Her journey as a homeless teen on the streets of Brooklyn began after being raped, resulting in a pregnancy that she did not abort. The author chronicles her experience of living on the ‘A’ line subway, in an abandoned building, and begging for quarters on the streets of Brooklyn to feed her daughter. The author provokes readers’ thoughts as she takes readers through various emotions with details of her life as a victim of rape, a teen mother, a hustler, and an abused spouse; eventually turning to God where she sought refuge. She could have let her disastrous journey dictate her future. Instead, she persevered earning a doctorate in health administration and becoming a professor who motivates her students with her story. The intent of the book is to shed light on issues people are ashamed to confront. Each chapter takes readers through the pain felt, but conquered. The author’s captivating story is a vivid reminder of the power of God. Despite the turmoil in your life, failures and deceptions, you too, can move from your current situatedness, going From Gutter To Glory!


“The Life Of Adaya” by Leticie Ryan

Adaya Norton is a young beauty that knows only two words: poverty and abuse. That is until, Adaya, moves to a small town where she and her siblings attend Cooley High… This is where Rocco is introduced to her life. Adaya is instantly intrigued and attracted to Rocco but he’s off-limits. Knowing that one of her new best friends has a thing for this school superstar and their other friend has her mind-set to test new temptations with women, what’s a girl to do? Adaya finds herself surrounded with lusting, murdering individuals, who are plotting to rip away at her flesh. As she struggles with the pain of the abuse from her parents and heartbreak of watching her brother fight with drug addiction, the walls are closing in on her. The only person keeping her sane is her granny educating her about God and sex. Soon she is betrayed and sold into a sex union held against her will, or is she?


10274313_10202062921035181_2040364378339053767_nThe Island Love Song by Elva NelsonHayes

Skye has spent the last ten years of her life dedicated to propelling her fashion designing career and putting all three of her daughter through college singlehandedly. Thinking herself to be too busy building her career to have time to dedicate to a real relationship, she fell into the pattern of having shallow relationships that usually ended in disappointment. She finds herself heartbroken and sexually frustrated by her last attempt at a relationship. When she winds up on a tropical island with her attentive, sexy, but plutonic friend, Cleveland, this PG rated friendship gets hotter that the Fourth of July in Georgia.


10494460_10202328181266521_3869675531913466179_oAll Of My Favorite Stories” by Madlen Namro

“All Of My Favorite Stories” by Madlen Namro is a delightful collections of children’s stories that are sure to entertain and amuse the children in your life who love to read. “All Of My Favorite Stories” by Madlen Namro is the first book in a new series of children’s books from this International Bestselling Science Fiction Author. Join Madlen as she tells four fascinating stories and take you on a journey with thru a winter wonderland filled with wonder, amazement & surprise.


DJGBC 21 Questions: With “Christian / Faith Based” Author Tumeki Griffin

I wanted to introduce my followers to a very interesting young author that I recently became aware of. She writes Christian / Faith Based Books and I look forward to reading some of her work. She has a warm spirit and is very humble when discussing her gift of being a writer. She agreed to a print interview so here it is . Ladies & Gents this is  “21 Questions” with Author Tumeki Griffin


DJGBC: Where are you from Tumeki?

I am from Hampton, Va.
DJGBC: What’s The Latest On Tumeki Griffin?

My latest news is that I am releasing my 3rd book entitled, The Redeemer as well as releasing my very first romance novel Morse Code. I am also launching my very own self-development company: The Mind’s Eye Group and Beauty From Within, which is a women’s organization geared toward dealing with matters of the heart.
DJGBC: How long have you been writing?

I began writing Spring of 2013. I began writing to keep from having a     Nervous breakdown!! I was divorced, broke, homeless and depressed but suicide was not the answer! I decided that instead of giving up again, I’d write my way out of my situation.
DJGBC: What inspired you to become a writer?

I was inspired to write my first book “Your Mind’s Eye” after seeing a silhouette of myself in my mind speaking on stage. The words ‘your mind’s eye’ jumped into my mind and I saw flashes of what I was supposed to write about, which were the flashes that kept illuminated my mind’s eye.
DJGBC: Do you have a specific writing style?

My writing style is inspirational/motivational stories that tell a story of triumph over many trials.
DJGBC: How did you come up with the title of you books?

All of my titles were inspired by God.

DJGBC: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

I want my readers to grasp their purpose. I want them to see themselves in my story and decide that they are their own hero! They can do whatever they see, feel, dream, and believe in their heart.
DJGBC:  How much of your books are realistic?

All of my book is realistic! I lived every single story.
DJGBC: What books have most influenced your life most?

The books that most influence my life was “Think and grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, The Science of Getting Rich, The Bible, No Matter What, The Magic of Thinking Big…..
DJGBC: What book are you reading now?

I am reading “Commanding Your Morning” by Cindy Trimm.
DJGBC: What are your working on now?

My current projects are “The Redeemer” which is a Christian thriller. I’m creating a new genre lol and my next project after that is “Morse Code” which will be my first romance novel.
41bn4yiDt-L._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_DJGBC:Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

Hip Hop National Radio!! They’ve allow me to speak about my books a few times and purchased books as well.

DJGBC: What do you find challenging about your writing?

What I find challenging about my writing is the fact that I must be transparent. It’s really hard to tell the truth about my life however it’s not about me. It’s about my mission. To help people find their true purpose.
DJGBC: Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

My favorite author is Lisa Nichols. Her story is amazing! Empowering!

DJGBC: Do you have any advice for other writers?

Be authentic, an original. Use your powerful imagination to create a masterpiece. Be memorable!!
DJGBC: What would you like to say to you readers & fans ?

BUY MY BOOKS AND TELL EVERYBODY ELSE TOO!! Read them and more importantly, please APPLY WHAT YOU’VE  READ.

To purchase books by this Author click on the link

DJGBC 21 Questions: With Author Natalie P. Kennerly “My Brothers Keeper”

21 questions banner1.Natalie P. Kennerly, Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, but currently reside in nearby Woodbridge.

2. Tell us your latest news?

I am ecstatic coming off the heels of my first published teen novel “My Brother’s Keeper, and I am currently working on two projects simultaneously. The first is the follow-up up to “My Brother’s Keeper”, which I am planning on making at minimum a three-part series, and the second is a teen suspense/thriller.

3. When and why did you begin writing?

I began writing in the third grade. My school had an essay contest and I decided to enter, in which I won first place. Okay, so yes, it was third grade and I was paired up against a bunch of eight year olds, but I won, and that gave me the confidence to continue.

4. When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I’ve never considered myself a writer. I mean writing was not my number one passion. In fact, it’s hard to say if anything is my number one passion. I consider myself a jack of all trades-master of none. But I’ve always knew that I had/have a story to tell. I’ve always had a vivid imagination. I remember when my grandfather died; I was five years old. My brother and I were home, and my father called from the hospital to tell us the horrible news. I did not shed a tear, and in fact I don’t remember saying much of anything. After I got off the phone I went to my room, sat on the bed, and stared off into space. The very next thought was, “Humm…I should have dropped the phone and ran out of the room screaming. That would have made for a better scene” LOL. I remember this plain as day, and I’ve done this my entire life. How can I make a situation more dramatic, more entertaining, and more believable? Saying all that to say, I’ve been more of an actor than a writer all life.

5. What inspired you to write “My Brothers Keeper” ?

I had a lifestyle blog that was really popular with my group of friends about 10 years ago, and was told many times to write a book. I’m so glad it took me as long as it did, because the book that I would have written 10 years ago would have paled in comparison to my debut novel. It would have been much ado about nothing, and as I matured I wanted to write something that could stand the test of time, and left the reader with something substantial. I remembered the books that shaped my outlook on the written word; how they made me feel, and what lessons were learned. I decided that I wanted to shape similar minds; minds like my very own teen daughter, minds that would read my work and spark future writers.

6. Do you have a specific writing style?

I don’t know really. I would like to say I write realistic teen/young adult fiction. I am a character driven writer. I like my characters to be relatable and humanistic.

7. How did you come up with the title?

Ahh…the title…LOL. I played around with this title for a while. It was changed three times, and actually didn’t become official until I completed the editing process. As I read the story over and over again, “My Brother’s Keeper” fit perfectly for how the story plays out.

8. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Yes. Granted by reading the title you would automatically assume the overall message would be “Family First” or “Blood is Thicker than Water”. But really it’s a story of redemption. Everything is not as it seems, everyone has redeeming qualities and many times it can take the most unlikely person to bring that out. Parents pay attention to your children, ask them questions about their lives, it could very well be the thing that save their lives.

9. How much of the book is realistic?

About 35% of the book is factual.  Okay, so I totally pulled that number out of the air, but there is some truth in anything an author writes; be it physical characteristics of a main character, personality traits, or events. The only thing I can say for certain is that the Georgia’s mother is 95% my mother, all day long. LOL.

11. What books have most influenced your life most?

I love this question. So of course being a Teen/Young Adult fiction writer, I must say Judy Blume. “Are you there God, it’s me Margret?” by far my favorite book, and shaped my reader and writer point of view. I love Mildred Taylor as well, “Roll of Thunder Here my Cry”, “Let the Circle be Unbroken”, “Road to Memphis” I loved every last one of those. I also like John Steinbeck and his title, “The Grapes of Wrath”. As I’ve gotten older I love to read historical fiction; titles like Edward P. Norton’s “The Known World” really peeked my interest. Now that I think about and look over the other titles listed four out of five of them are historical fiction, so I guess I have always been a lover of historical fiction. I love to be taken back to time before me, and if an author can make me feel as if I am standing on a dusty country road in Memphis, or on the plantation in a fictional town in Virginia,  then they have a fan for life.

12. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

If I had to choose, it would be Mildred Taylor. Of course I have never met her personally, but her style of writing, and her ability to draw you into each character, inspires me tremendously.

13. What book are you reading now?

I am currently reading a non-fiction book about natural cures and herbal holistic remedies.

14. Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

To tell you the truth, I have not really had the time to check out any new authors as of yet. I have downloaded several e-books, one being an Eyone Williams title, and “Ghost of Atlanta”, by JE Thompson, but have not gotten the chance to read them yet.

15. What are your current projects?

I’m working on the follow-up to “My Brother’s Keeper” and a teen suspense/thriller.

16. Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson , DJ Gatsby Book Club & The WB Media Group, hands down.

17. Do you see writing as a career?

Most definitely, I look forward to being able to provide for my family by doing what I love.

18. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in “My Brothers Keeper”?

I would change absolutely nothing. I feel I told the best story that I could at the time it was written, and I wrote from the heart.

19. Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

Yes, a Third Grade Writing Contest. I remember my father read my first draft and gave me the best advice ever. “What are scary looking steps? I can’t picture scary looking steps.”

21. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

When writing for a living, you tend to want to flood the market with your product, which means writing multiple projects. I can only write when it comes to me. Sometimes I can go months without writing a single word; can’t be good for my bottom line…LOL

22. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Mildred Taylor and John Steinbeck; historical fiction at its best.

23. Do you travel much promoting your book(s)?

I have not traveled much as of yet.

24. Who designed the covers?

I went with a wonderful graphic artist by the name of Paganus

25. What was the hardest part of writing “My Brothers Keeper”?

With my hectic life and procrastination, simply sitting down and putting thought to paper would be the hardest part for me. Once I actually start, I’m good to go.

26. Did you learn anything from writing “My Brothers Keeper” and what was it?

This is not as easy as I thought it would be. Writing a book is not simply “writing” a book. It’s a business, and the process is long and tedious at times.

27. Do you have any advice for other writers?

Learn your craft, and the business side. Write your story not something you think someone wants to hear. In “Field of Dreams” they said “Build it and they will come”, just like in writing; write it and your audience will appear.

28. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you so much for your support, your prayers, your well wishes, and your reviews. I appreciate you all and will strive to put out my best work possible at all times.

To purchase “My Brothers Keeper” By Author Natalie P. Kennerly click on the link below…

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DJGBC “Books Of The Month” July 2013

little bad girls 3Little Bad Girls 3 By Treasure Blue

After receiving news that rocked her world, seventeen-year-old Chantel Turner’s hardships have only just begun. Now she must go to extremes to protect her twelve-year-old sister—the only family she has left—from the very person who began her nightmare. After Chantel teams up with her friend Precious, they use their minds, bodies, and fury to right the wrongs and serve the only justice fit for the crime—death!

The Lacn phillipsst Kings By C.N. Phillips

In the city of Detroit, all it takes is one bullet to end a life and one dollar to start another. Enticed by the world of drugs and fast money, Sadie is lured into the life of a hustler. Accompanied by her best friend Mocha, she begins her climb to the top and soon becomes the head of the biggest underground cartel in the state. They streets label them The Last Kings and they seem unstoppable, but when her past of secrets and lies come back to haunt her, betrayal threatens to rip The Last Kings apart.

purple reignPurple Reign” By K’Wan

Don B is the owner and headliner of a successful, yet notorious, record label called “Big Dawg Entertainment” where all it’s stars seem to meet with unfortunate ends under  mysterious circumstances. Don B made his fortune off music and his name from the trail of broken lives he’s left in his wake. He is a
predator in every sense of the word. Don B’s wealth and power make him believe
he’s untouchable, but all this changes during a business trip to Miami and a chance meeting with a stranger who calls herself Reign. She is cold, cunning and beautiful…a perfect match for the self proclaimed Don of Harlem. He is
determined to have her for his own at all costs, but soon finds that the price to be with Reign is a steep one, even for a man as wealthy as Don B. In his pursuit of Reign Don B finds himself caught up in twisted plot of sex, secrets and murder, where the predator now finds himself the prey.

meek mills“Tony Story” By Meek Mills

Tony and Ty had big dreams of getting rich. Although they grew up like brothers, once money and envy entered the equation, greed took over and loyalty went out the door.

After a deadly shooting, the streets of Philly were in an uproar and the lives of many people revolved around revenge. Gold digger Kee capitalized on the built-up tension; but before she could really enjoy the fruits of her labor, she was thrust into the middle of a street war with the cost being her life.

Trust was not an option and revenge was the only thing anyone had in common. Paulie wanted revenge for his cousin; LB wanted revenge for his brother. They both had blood in their eyes and murder in mind; names were called while gunners lurked in the shadows. It became bigger than the almighty dollar and no one was safe. Philly won’t be the same after you’re a witness to Tony Story.

first comes loveFirst Comes Love Then Comes Murder” By Reign

Juliette (Jewels) Madison is on trial for the brutal murder of her husband Marcel Madison. Whether or not she killed him is not the question, because she was found soaked in his blood. What her high profile defense team must prove is that she acted in self defense. But as the case unravels and her raunchy, violent and greedy lifestyle is exposed, Jewels doubts if she’ll ever see the light of day again. To make matters worse, she desperately tries to prevent her dirtiest marriage secrets from being exposed. First Comes Love, Then Comes Murder has all the raw, explicit and jaw dropping gore that fans have come to expect from Reign. Read at your own risk.

the secret“The Secret She Kept” By ReShonda Tate Billingsley

How far will you go to save someone you love and trust when they’ve kept a dangerous secret for years? That’s the question facing Lance Kingston, a successful Houston magazine executive whose recent marriage to beautiful, high-powered attorney Tia Jiles seemed to promise a bright future for both of them. But under the surface, a fierce and frightening storm was brewing. That’s because Tia never revealed to Lance what she and her family have known since Tia was seventeen—she has an illness that takes over her mind, transforming her into a raging, violent woman hell-bent on destruction. Bipolar disorder. Schizophrenia. Or crazy, as Lance’s grandmother continually reminds him. “Crazy leaves clues,” she told him point-blank, and perhaps Lance should have listened. Tia’s mother tries to pray the problem away . . . and Tia’s doctors can’t help her if she won’t do what they advise. Now there’s more than their marriage and Tia’s survival at stake: Tia is pregnant, and Lance will stop at nothing to keep his troubled wife and unborn daughter safe. But at what price?

reverand“Manology: Secrets Of You Mans Mind Revealed” By Rev Run of Run DMC and Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese and Rev are unlikely best friends—Rev is married with six kids and Tyrese is a single dad still hesitant to settle down. But after an unexpected disagreement in which Rev insisted that marriage is forever, and Tyrese pushed that you could bail when the sex went bad, the two decided not just to agree to disagree but to team up and open their debate to a larger audience. Even though they’re at different points in their journeys, both have clear insights on what it takes to make a relationship work and what can sink it instantly.

Manology is a guide to regaining your relationship confidence and weeding out the cheaters, MANipulators, and pimps from the good men. Just follow Tyrese and Rev’s advice and finally understand the reasons behind your man’s actions. Some men’s behavior can’t be changed, but it’s better to face the truth. No matter how painful or distressing that truth might be, if you know it, you can confront it and move past it. Tyrese and Rev acknowledge that it can be difficult for men to open up, but they present real strategies for men and women to have honest and open discussions about relationship expectations.

With Rev’s hard-earned knowledge on what it takes to make a marriage work, and Tyrese’s sometimes uncomfortable but always straight talk on the single man’s mind-set, Manology is your one true source of knowledge to help you take control of your love life and truly understand your man.

kimberlaA HOUSE DIVIDED BY Kimberla Lawson Roby

Life is close to perfect for the Reverend Curtis Black and his wife, Charlotte–except their son Matthew and his girlfriend, Racquel, are about to become parents at the tender age of eighteen. Even though Curtis and Charlotte wish Matthew could focus on Harvard instead of fatherhood, they are determined to welcome their new grandson with open arms. But for Charlotte, welcoming her future in-laws is another story. Try as she might, Charlotte can’t stand Racquel’s mother, Vanessa–and the feeling appears to be mutual.

When the tension between Charlotte and Vanessa finally erupts, the stress sends an already-fragile Racquel into early labor. Everyone is quick to blame Charlotte, including Matthew and Curtis. That her own husband would side with someone else infuriates Charlotte and strains the relationship they’ve only recently been able to repair. Her one ally is Racquel’s father, but that brings problems of its own.

While Charlotte schemes against Vanessa, Curtis is consumed with his own concerns about Deliverance Outreach. A mysterious figure from his past has been sending Curtis cryptic messages threatening to take away Curtis’s coveted position as senior pastor and destroy everything he has worked so hard for. But who could hate Curtis that much? And how can he fight an enemy he can’t even name?

Times of trouble are descending upon the Black family in more ways than one. Will they be able to overcome their challenges and stand together against someone who could take it all away? Or is the Black family finally out of miracles?

no no 4“The Ultimate No No 4” By Tamika Newhouse

Nitrah Hill was finally happy, that was until she got the call that a former friend was found murdered in her hometown. Forced to return to Fort Worth she is faced with her lives past secrets, regrets, and mistakes. Leaning on her friend Jazzaray for strength they both are faced with the ultimate betrayal that suddenly starts to make everything fall into place. When Dahlia returns to town she comes to blows with her own demons. When her former love is thrown back into her life she must face the fact that her mistakes that ruined everyone s lives must be made right. That means; she must take destiny into her own hands, including facing her friends murderer.

pussyThe Pussy Trap 3 By Nene Capri

Fear, Grief and pain . . . the perfect mixture for the deadly cocktail that drives KoKo head first into danger as she tries to hold onto her throne. Betrayal, distrust and a struggle for power almost destroys all that she has built. Kayson is back on the scene and refuses to bow to anyone. The power is up for grabs and there are many hands in the pot. There s a boss that will live to the end, but who will succumb to The Pussy Trap’s Death by Temptation?