Award Winning Author Joy Elan tops the list of DJ Gatsby Book Club’s Top 25 Authors of 2016

Author & Poet Joy Elan from Oakland, CA tops this years “Top 25 Author’s of 2016” by DJ Gatsby Book Club. The 2 time National Poetry Award winner has had a phenomenal year both as a Poet & Author and is poised to have a break out year in 2017. Look for the complete list of the “Top 25 Author’s of 2016” on “New Years Day” January 1st, 2017.


Joy Elan is from Oakland and Berkeley, CA. She received her BA degree in African American Studies at UC Berkeley and her MA degree in Education at Stanford University. She won third place in Oakland’s Got Talent in June 2014 for her spoken word piece, “I’m A Survivor.” She won twice at the National Poetry Awards for Poetry Video of the Year (2015) and Poet of the Year (2016).

She was born with a hearing loss and has been wearing hearing aids since she was 15 months. Despite the obstacles she faced, she overcame many of them and continues to overcome obstacles. Her mother always told her that she had three things against her: Black, female, and disabled. Joy Elan went through life prepared for what she would face and has smiled throughout everything she has been through. She is currently working with urban youth in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Joy Elan can be seen performing her poetry at various venues and events around the San Francisco Bay Area. Go to the Calendar of Performances for more information.
For more press material, go to Joy Elan’s Press.




promo 2014 10My team and I here at DJ Gatsby Book Club & WB Media Group are proud to announce the Nominees for our DJGBC 2014 Literary Awards. We started recognizing excellence in African American Literature in 2012 and are glad to share our list of Nominees with you. We have change the process in a few ways this year and have eliminated on-line voting. We do not want nominees campaigning for votes or winning because of their popularity and not the quality of their work.

We wanted to open up the Awards this year to include 5 Specific genres Romance , Children’s , Urban Fiction  ,Christian Fiction & Erotica . These Authors and Books represented here were nominated not based on Amazon Sales , they were chosen  from books that were either Read, Reviewed, Shared or Featured in some way on My Facebook Pages. Those Facebook Pages were  *DJ Gatsby Book Club (Fan Page & Group Page), *WB Media Group (Fan Page), *Who’s Who In African American Literature (Fan Page & Group Page), *The Talk Show With DJ Gatsby (Group Page).


The Nominees For the DJGBC 2014 Literary Awards Are Listed Below…



  1. LaDonna Marie
  2. James Gordon
  3. Phree Walls
  4. Dominique Christina
  5. Synnika Lofton


  1. Iris Bolling
  2. Mary Morrison
  3. Brenda Jackson
  4. Tamika Newhouse
  5. Victoria H. Smith
  6. Shan
  7. Delaney Diamond
  8. Jessica Watkins
  9. Beveryly Jenkins
  10. Ana E. Ross


  1. Natalie Kennerly
  2. James Gordon
  3. Tiah Short
  4. Sumayyah
  5. Silk White
  6. Simone Cannon
  7. Roberta Edwards
  8. Trish Cooke
  9. Jabari Asim
  10. Crystal Swain-Bates

Urban Fiction

  1. NeNe Capri
  2. Cole Hart
  3. Wahida Clark
  4. Kwan
  5. Jaquavis Coleman
  6. Ashley Antionette
  7. Jessiaca Watkins
  8. Leondra LeRae
  9. Racquel Williams
  10. JM Benjamin

Christian Fiction

  1. Jacki Edwards
  2. Reshonda Tate Billingsly
  3. Victoria Christopher
  4. Desiree Future
  5. H.H. Fowler
  6. Kimberla Lawson Roby
  7. Brenda Barrett
  8. Michelle Stimpson
  9. Kim Brooks
  10. Carl Weber


  1. Shatika Turner
  2. Ben Burgess Jr.
  3. Fallon
  4. Zane
  5. Marilyn Lee
  6. Jazmine Garner
  7. Nicety
  8. Anna Black
  9. Reality Way
  10. Pepper Pace

“The Sensitivity of a Man: Prose & Poems About Life, Love, Living and a Man’s Search to Find Inner Peace” Everett R. Hubbard

The purpose of this book isn’t to preach about one thing or another. It is only meant to explain the sensitivity of a man, and the things in my life that affect every aspect of my being-through my experiences with GOD, nature, myself and people, touching upon your heart my reason for living. What I’d like for you to do is to sit back, relax and read, as I recite my life through these words. Feel the joys and pains of my conception to manhood, as this infant of a man takes hold of his umbilical cord to life.        Author / Poet Everett Hubbard
From the depths of despair to heights of true love, Everett R. Hubbard soulfully portrays the full breadth of the human experience in The Sensitivity of a Man. This remarkable collection of more than 60 poems and short essays is intensely personal in nature yet universal in scope. Here are moving sketches of the spirit-crushing effects of contemporary …life on a modern black man—and the power of faith in God to raise him up from even the lowest lows. All of them attempt to forge a way out of a cultural mindset that has demanded men—and particularly black men—to sequester their emotions from view. In “Homeless,” Everett examines the interminable connection among all of us and asks what separates the gutter dweller from anyone else. In “Sight Unseen,” a blind man sheds new light on who actually has a physical disability when what really matters is sensing the spirit. In “The Message Pt. 2,” Everett urges his brothers toward a renewed respect for women, based on an eternal and sacred bond. And “The Streets” casts a wary but experienced eye on an urban horror scene, asking, “Is this what we’ve reduced ourselves to?” The answer, Everett finds, is no—as long as we entrust our lives to the Heavenly Father. At once a stark critique of masculine mores, examination of challenges faced by the black community, and stirring call to God, The Sensitivity of a Man will stay with you long after the book is closed.
Everett R. Hubbard was born and raised in Baltimore, where he witnessed many of its changes—for good and bad. He currently lives in Gwynn Oak, Md. The Sensitivity of a Man is his first book.
A Must Read!!!!,March 2, 2011

This review is from: The Sensitivity of a Man: Prose, Thoughts and Poems About Life, Love, Living and a Man’s Search to Find Inner Peace (Paperback)

This is an inspiring arrangement of poetry, thoughts, and just a man’s perspective of the world. Although I am not a man I can learn about how a man thinks, feels, and views life through this book. I reccommend that women give this book to your man, father, brother, and friends. This is a definite MUST READ!!!

The Sensitivity of A man,

A Kid’s Review
This review is from: The Sensitivity of a Man: Prose, Thoughts and Poems About Life, Love, Living and a Man’s Search to Find Inner Peace (Paperback)

This book is a great book for all men and boys that will soon be men. This book helps you to think about life and everything that you see in your life in a different way. To respect it the way it is and the way it is going to change. To look at everything as if all life depends on each living thing. Please read this book and think about life and how we all can help others to love life and everything in it…..”I love this book” Wayne A.Jackson

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