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DJ Gatsby a/k/a The Voice Of Urban Lit is back with his WBMG Radio Show Da Spotlight. This week he has Author Haikeem Stokes on the show. Haikeem is making his first appearance on the show and we are excited to have him in  “Da Spotlight”.

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This South Philly native is the eldest of three brothers and three sisters, who first fell in love with writing in the fifth grade. He produced several short stories and also illustrated and penned a series of comic strips. By late junior high he used those creative-writing skills to transform short stories into rhymes. While in high school the rhyming evolved into poetry. He has taken his passion for word play, literary arts and finally cultivated it into realizing the dream of writing.


R.I.P. Mike Brown – Another police shooting of an unarmed black man in America.

5407e41926d2b.preview-620First of all let me send my prayers and condolences out to The Brown Family, the people of Ferguson, Missouri and everyone who has been shot, killed or wrongly arrested and incarcerated by the Criminal Justice System here in America.

Okay so the verdict is in and another White Police Office shoots an unarmed black man and no charges will be brought against him. Am i surprised no, outraged yes but now lets look at what we can do as parents and family’s to help our young black men stay out of the way of incidents involving the police because it is plain to see that we are being targeted . No matter what the crime was or why he was being confronted by that police office that young man did not deserve to be shot and killed.

ap_police_shooting_140816_16x9_992But lets rewind the story and trace the steps of this young man and see where his actions caused him to be accosted by this police officer in the first place. Let’s look at the well documented incident in the store and him allegedly stealing something. Now some of you may say that this point is not important and that cops harass and kill innocent black men all the time. That may be true but it does not change the fact that our “innocent” young black men as well as those who commit crimes in our communities need to understand the training, behavior and mindset of the officers who patrol black communities.Which by the way seems to indicate that we are being targeted by them and that “any interaction or dealings with a police office can result in you being arrested , shot or killed” no matter what you are accused of doing.

1408243846000-AP-Police-Shooting-MissouriBrothers & Sisters lets change the way we think,act and live in this new era of police brutality, lets do our best to teach our black men & women to not do anything that will put themselves in a situation that will cause them to be targeted by a police officer. Lets teach them to be well aware of the consequences of the things they do, the lifestyles they live and the crimes that they commit in this “Police State” that we live in.

We may not be able to change the system “right now” but we can change how we choose to conduct ourselves in it.


DJ Gatsby & WBMG Publishing Presents “All Of My Favorite Stories (A Children’s Book) by Madlen Namro

All Of My Favorite Stories (A Children’s Book) by Author Madlen Namro.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Cute. September 11, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
After his owner falls ill and releases, Lonek a Maine coon cat, he travels on is way to find a new home. He first runs into Stephanie, a fox, who allows him to stay with her in her burrow. Stephanie attempts to teach Lonek how to hunt, but Lonek who is domestic, used to being served, has a hard time killing other animals. Lonek felt bad that Stephanie had to do the hunting for the both of him, so he felt it would be better to say goodbye and find a more suitable home for himself.
This is a very cute story about a coon cat’s travels. I found it amazing sweet and at times funny. The author did a very good job of placing you in the story.
Format:Kindle Edition
I bought it last week and downloaded it for my 6 years old daughter….She has her own Kindle since 3 months… She devoured All of my favorite stories during the week-end !
5.0 out of 5 stars Different than a lot of childrens books. September 12, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
These stories remind me of some from when I was younger. Very sweet and nice stories! Love the illustrations! Thanks for publishing this book!
5.0 out of 5 stars Great read for kids and adults September 12, 2014
By Ola
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Great read for kids and adults! Captivating, refreshing and sweet stories. Highly recommend.
10514166_10202896542195189_4116707917006274414_o*Order Today And Add It To Your Child’s Book Collection Today. *Available At Amazon On Kindle & In Paperback #TEAMGATSBY #SHARETHIS #RETWEETTHIS 

DJ Gatsby thanks all Authors & Publishers for their support

I can’t say enough about the Authors who have entrusted me to help promote their books over the past few years. From my friends who are New York Times Best Selling Authors to the brand new Authors who were just releasing their first book. It is still exciting & rewarding to be a small part of your success and i am grateful you allow me to help you. 

I started DJ GATSBY BOOK CLUB (DJGBC) , The Talk Show Hosted by Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson , The Who’s Who In African American Lit Blog Talk Radio Show, My Blogs & Websites to help increase the awareness & love of African American Literature and Literacy in the Black Community.It has been a joyous and rewarding experience for me because i have met so many people who are passionate about reading and writing.

So again i just want to say thank you to all of the Authors, Publishers, Readers and Group Members for supporting me and all of my endeavors.#WhosWho #TeamGatsby Book Critic @WBMediaGroup @DaBookKing @DJGBC


Jeff Wilson Interviews Author Davian Clifton For “The Talk Show With DJ Gatsby”

Click This Link To Watch The Davian Clifton Interview: The Talk Show With DJ Gatsby

dj gatsby 2014 promo bannerThe Talk Show Hosted by Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson Is Back For A 2nd Season With His First Guest Author Davian Clifton. The Talk Shows Producers The WB Media Group (WBMG) Has Teamed Up With The Who’s Who In African American Literature Project & Look Forward To Bringing You More Fantastic TV Shows This Season. #WWIAAL #TheTalkShow #TeamGatsby


About Author Davian R. Clifton

Davian Clifton is a new upcoming author. He has authored three urban fiction novels as well as several self-help books. He is a graduate of Hampton University and resides in Chesapeake, VA

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