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DJGBC “Books Of The Month” April 2016

With the sounds and smells of Spring in the air DJ Gatsby Book Club gets you in the swing with 4 great Spring reads to choose from. Author and books include George Naim Cash “The Sounds Of Sing Sing Prison”, KD McGregor “Backs Against The Wall”,  Lady Qetesh “Lies,Sin & Desire” and National Bestselling Author Sonovia Alexander “Cartel Princess”. As always DJGBC, support your favorite and Authors and #Buy #Read #Review their books.

Sounds Of Sing Sing Prison: A Day In The Life Of A Prison Inmate (Kindle Edition)

pizap.com14529552829119From the moment I arrived the power and history of it’s past surrounded my thoughts. The shear fear of the expected and the unexpected had me in it’s grip. My entire body felt like a clinched fist, with the finger nails digging into my palm. It was my own clinched fist digging into my into my own palm, until the barking of an officer snapped me out of my daze saying, “Eyes Front”.

Backs Against The Wall

kdThere’s only one thing that certain in life: from the day we are born we will surely die.what make life interesting is everything that happens in our lives in between the beginning and the end.the Jordan family were no different from anyone else just a loving family trying to make ends meet in the Brooklyn projects. After the unexpected passing of there of their father, the Jordan brothers found themselves pulled into a life of crime struggling to keep there mother, their girlfriends,and most importantly of all each other from being swallowed up by the mean streets of Brooklyn. How far would you go to protect the ones you love?what lines would you cross? The question facing the Jordan’s is the same one each of us might have to face any day now : What would you do if your back was AGAINST THE WALL

Lies Sin & Desire (Kindle Edition)

lady qChicago native Tabitha Green has always been the “good girl.” College, good job even her dating life is bland. An epiphany sends her down a path she never thought possible, with not one but two sexy eligible bachelors at her beck and call, allowing her to indulge in pleasures and desire she’s only dreamed about. To make things more interesting, she uses her suitors to her benefit, choosing to have her cake, and eat it too. While keepig her secrets close, one of her paramours is keeping a secret of his own. Will those lies lead to Tabitha’s demise?

Cartel Princess (Kindle Edition)

pizap.com14529550634166Meet Adelana, a Puerto Rican Princess that has taken over her father’s business. She is every man’s dream. The itty bitty waist, the long bra line hair, tanned skinned, and a mean streak.  Adelana is the daughter of Julian Hernandez. Julian was known on the streets as God. Whatever God wanted, God got. He controlled the drugs that moved from the east coast to the west coast. God was feared by many, but loved by all.

God was gunned down at JFK airport in NY. There were no known witnesses nor was any one willing to come forth for fear of Adelana and her cartel. From the age of 16, Adelana took over her father’s business. She maintained the constant flow of money to keep her family a float and to maintain her father’s name. Adelana has set out to find the people who were responsible for her father’s death.

Will she live long enough to redeem her father’s name and maintain respect? Who can she trust? Who will she love? Meet Adelana in the trap and find out NOW!!

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Authors Spotlight: Mike Warren “The Cool In You 3”

Mike Warren started his love for writing since attending college. He received his Masters Degree in Communications from Towson State University and has been writing ever since. He is the author of several LGBT novels. His first novel, “A Private Affair” was picked up by Life Changing Books publication Company and published in the summer of 2007. Because of the controversy and peaked sales, Mr. Warren was asked by his publisher to do a sequel, thus bringing forth his second novel, “Sweet Swagger” which was published in 2009. Two other novels then followed that, “Sir Yes Sir” published in 2011 and “Just Make Him Beautiful” published in 2013.

Mr. Warren then left his publishing company, Life Changing Books and branched out on his own and formed his own publishing company titled, Mike Warren Publishing. He then published his first self published book titled, “Timing Is Everything” published in May 2014. His next self published book, “The Cool In You” was published October 2, 2014. His next book, “Love All Of Me” which is the finale for the “A Private Affair” series was published November 29, 2014.

As a result of his hard work, great writing skills and stories, Mr. Warren was nominated and became one of the Kings Of Literature for 2015. He continues to write great stories and have several new books coming out this year.

12799125_10205961141128247_4277270743284961890_nMr. Warren is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and still resides in Baltimore which is called, Charm City. He is the father of 5 grown children and has been in a loving relationship with his partner for 5 years. In his spare time, he enjoys writing, reading and spending time with his family.

Authors Spotlight: K.D. McGregor “Backs Against The Wall”

Jeff Gatsby Wilson's photo.K.D. McGregor a.k.a Kevin Darnell McGregor born and raised in New York City the Harlem section. Borned by Victoria Garrett but raised by his father Tyrone McGregor. K.D. was raised in a Christian home as a Jehovah Witness for the first 17 years of his life. K.D.’s life took a turn for the worst when his father moved down south and he decided to stay in New York where he went into the foster care system for about 1 year of his life. While in the system he met his first child’s mother who had a son that he named his Junior Kevin McGregor Jr. Right before the birth of his son his father returned and he continued to work for his father’s construction company and took a residence in the newly bought brown stone by his father.

One year into this transition he was encourage to go to college at the age of 19. In college he met his second kids mother who had a son born Darnell McGregor he moved in with her where they lived in the Bronx for about a year. They were young and had fights like many young people do during one of their fights he met a women who quickly became his third kids mother who then had another son born Malik McGregor. K.D’s life was moving along when his father moved again down south leaving him with 3 kids and no real choice or source of income cause his whole life he only worked with his father’s construction company. K.D. tried to pick up where his father left off but with no luck. So with a bad choice he took to the streets and started moving drugs in New York. K.D. did excel at drug dealing for a few years but along the way he caught a few cases where his back was against the wall. Three years into his drug dealing career he was forced to take a prison bid of 4 1/2 to 9 years. It was hell doing the time but K.D. made the best of it by working out and picking up writing. K.D. did 7 years and was released on parole.

pizap.com14584352404872K.D. was having a very hard time making the adjustment back to society so he pick back up where he left off 7 years earlier back drug dealing. Again trouble was not far behind during a drug deal gone wrong a buyer was shot and K.D. and a Acquaintance was arrested. K.D. was offered a life sentence where he had to fight for his freedom two and half years on Rikers Island would drive anyone crazy but during his stay he polished up on his writing skills and knew if he was given a chance he wouldn’t blow it again. K.D. went to trail where if he lost; it would have given him 25 years to life sentence. Lucky for him he won in trail and was released and continued his parole. In May 2014 he was relieved of parole and started his own Publishing Company called F.E.V.E.R Publishing. He was the first author on his imprint and is now seeking other authors with the same skills and passion he possess and have for writing.

Sounds Of Sing Sing (A Short Story) by Author George “Naim” Cash

“The Sounds of Sing-Sing” by Author George Cash
*Available now on Amazon Kindle.


Synopsis: From the moment I arrived the power and history of it’s past surrounded my thoughts. The shear fear of the expected and the unexpected had me in it’s grip. My entire body felt like a clinched fist, with the finger nails digging into my palm. It was my own clinched fist digging into my into my own palm, until the barking of an officer snapped me out of my daze saying, “Eyes Front”..


The Good & The Bad 2 Coming in 2016 / Sounds of Sing Sing #OnSaleNow  / The Good & the Bad #OnSaleNow  by George “Naim” Cash from (DJ Gatsby Presents & WBMG Publishing)


The Best Of The Best Short Story Collections from Dominique Wilkins

*All of these titles are books relating to stories that will hopefully make you think twice before doing and saying some of the things that we do when our emotions take control.

dominique 2

The Imperfect Parent Collection: A Short Story Collection Kindle Edition domonique 2

All of these titles are books relating to stories that will hopefully make you think about how we constantly push ourselves to be the best parent that we can be. Some of us try so hard to emulate our own parents and then others try just as hard to give our children the life that we never had. No one knows which way works best or if it works at all, in view of the fact that every child is different, just as every day is. With that in mind, we have to treat each day as a new one and simply try to be best that we can be and know that we will never be perfect, but we owe it to our children to keep striving for it!
In this collection, there are plenty of parents that are doing what they think is best and making tons of mistakes while doing it. These stories are meant to reiterate the fact that we have all at some point felt like a bad parent. The key is through it all- the schools, the bullies and the bad relationships, we must remember that our children love us unconditionally and that little people have big eyes and ears. The world can be a terrible place, but as long as we stay strong in the eyes of our children, they will always have faith that “all storms blow over”. No matter how bad you think life is for you, with prayer and faith, someone before you got through much worse!


The Marriage Mayhem Collection: A Short Story Kindle Edition



The Realm of Regret Collection: A Short Story Kindle Edition 3

All of these titles are books relating to stories that will hopefully make you think twice before doing and saying some of the things that we do when our emotions take control. It is more often than less that when we become hurt or angry, we do and say things that we regret and after doing them, we can’t take them back. Once it is put out there, “I’m sorry” won’t always fix it. It is true that the power of life and death lies in the power of the tongue. Having said that, this collection, shows you how other people’s responses have landed them in the realm of regret which can change their lives forever.
The best way to avoid having a negative life altering event is to learn from other people’s mistakes and breathe before we allow our tongues and actions to take control. That is the reason which I would like to share with you these stories of regret…
Enjoy this collection which includes:
• 7:10
• Fight Like a Man
• Friends First