DJ Gatsby Book Club “After Work” Meet & Greet Book Signing Tour @ Don Couqi White Plains. NY

DJ Gatsby Book Club is coming back to White Plains,NY as we bring our “After Work” Meet & Greet Book Signing Tour to Don Couqi White Plains. The tentative date is Thursday April 23rd from 6pm – 10pm. Authors if you live in the NYC Metro area and are interested in being part of this event call me @ 914.483.9496 or email me at to get specific details about attending.

179489_4791178297980_1423578213_n*A limited number of authors will be allowed to participate in the book signing so please Authors & Publishers RSVP by 5pm April 2nd, 2015

*The Official list Of Authors Attending Will Be Announced Soon.
*Vendors & Business Networking Professional Are Also Welcome.
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Event Sponsored By Jeff “Gatsby” Wilson & The WB Media Group 10646977_10202766966115868_5699955163357514441_n

The Talk Show with DJ Gatsby is back for 2015 with special guest Marcus Bennett

DJ Gatsby & The WB Media Group is back with their “Top Rated” Public Access TV Show “The Talk Show with DJ Gatsby” .

Screenshot_2015-03-19-20-30-062015 is our 3rd year and we are starting it off by bringing you an Exclusive Interview with Washington DC Celebrity Photographer Marcus Bennett.


Screenshot_2015-03-19-20-28-03Watch the show on Comcast cable TV Ch 99 and Verizon Ch 11 in Charles County, Maryland.

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Poet and Spoken Word Artist Quantah More signs with WBMG Publishing

The “Big Announcement” from WBMG PUBLISHING is that we have agreed to sign New York area Poet and Spoken Word Artist Tammy Eleazer a/k/a Quantah More to a publishing contract.

150774_10203988655617342_8891078622127793241_nQuantah was introduced to me by Aspiring Musician and Author George “Naim” Cash. He met her in 2014 and after hearing her perform some of her work thought she would be a great asset to WBMG Publishing.

After numerous phone conversations with me first while i was in DC and then most recently in New York where I had the opportunity to hear her perform . She is a gifted writer whose words speak of unity and wisdom and has a love and affinity for Hip Hop culture and its music. Quantah also loves working with young people and that passion is manifested in her writing. Quantah currently is  participating in Open Mic Events in the New York Area and is scheduled to perform in Boca Raton, FL on March 18th 2015.  wbmg publishing promoWe are happy to add Quantah More to our growing family of Writers and look forward to sharing her gift of writing poetry with you very soon. ‪#‎WBMGPublishing‬ ‪#‎TeamGatsby‬ 

Follow: Tammy Eleazer (Quantah More)  and “House Of Poetry” on Facebook 

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DJGBC wants to know, Who is Bestselling Erotic Romance Author Brenda Stokes Lee ?

brenda stokes lee 2015 1

Bestselling Erotic Romance Author Brenda Stokes Lee is no stranger to the members of DJGBC and Erotic Romance Readers all over the world. But we want to take this opportunity to giver her a chance to re-introduce herself to a new group of readers for 2015. DJGBC & WB Media Group have been supporters of this talented Author for years and are happy that she is still writing. She recently took a short hiatus for personal reason in 2014 but 2015 is sure to be a very successful year for this phenomenal writer

403053_4436615352359_479107691_nWho am I? Good question! Well, most of you know me as Brenda Stokes Lee an Erotic Romance author. What you may not know is that Brenda Stokes Lee is a publisher, writer, novelist, screenwriter and a good old-fashioned, down home storyteller who refuses to let a little thing like the truth come between her and a good story. Brenda was born in a small town outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, but was raised in the Washington, DC Metro area. She is a Morgan State University graduate who worked in the medical field for over thirty years.

81ZsbyhtDRL._SL1500_She is an Indie Author who published her first novel, All Mye Queen’s Men on Christmas Eve 2011. Since then she has continued to expand her catalog one book every sixty days or so. Brenda writes in almost every genre except horror. She is creative, funny and full of tall tales of love, mystery, action, fantasy and intrigue. Brenda is an Amazon Bestselling Author and the 2012 BRAB Book Club Best Erotic Romance Novel Award Winner. She spares no expense to entertain you. Her books are an eclectic blend of romance, drama, comedy, action and erotic fire. Marching to a unique rhythm, Brenda Stokes Lee is determined to make you laugh, cry and most important, make you feel alive.

brenda stokes lee 2015 1On a personal note… Brenda is happily divorced, has two great children, two beautiful grandchildren, a handsome son in-law and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her loving and supportive family

All of the Brenda Stokes Lee books are available at Amazon.Com

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“The UNNAMED” Movie ENCORE VIEWING: By “Popular Demand” a 2nd show has been ddded

pizap.com14241310811192By Popular Demand A 2nd Show Has Been Added
Based on the book “THE UNNAMED” By Elva NelsonHayes, Author/Playwright
Sunday, March 1, 2015 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM (PST)
Oakland, CA

unnamed 2nd showingElva Nelsonhayes is an author and a playwright. Her works include the books, The Unnamed and The Island Love Song. She is currently working on a full feature  film based on The Unnamed. She is founder of The Oakland Pageturners Book Club, owner of Ms Lva’s Books & More, creator, producer and host of the TV talk show, Today’s Community Spotlight.


WB Media Group Spotlight: 3 local women who are building their businesses in the Lower Hudson Valley

Women of color: How 3 built businesses

3 local women and how they are building their businesses in the Lower Hudson Valley

Who hasn’t said they’d like to quit working for the man?

As it turns out, lots of women have, and that number is growing, especially among women of color.

A recent Center for American Progress study shows African-American and Latina women are a driving force behind entrepreneurship in the United States. From 1997 to 2013, the number of female-owned businesses in the U.S. grew by 59 percent — 1 1/2 times the national average. The study says women of color are the catalyst behind this growth: African-American women-owned businesses grew by 258 percent in that time; Latina women-owned businesses grew by 180 percent. Today, women of color are the majority owners of nearly one-third of female-owned firms in the nation.

Women say that being their own boss and controlling their own destiny are natural draws of entrepreneurship but they also seek a work-life balance and personal satisfaction from their businesses. Here’s a look at three local women and how they are building business and community in the Lower Hudson Valley.

Dionne Bell, make-up artist

Dionne Bell always loved to do makeup but felt there wasn’t a way for people to learn how to put it on without feeling the sales pressure to buy. Bell saw the gap, and decided to build a business.

“I’ve always loved what I do. Empowering women to look better and be more confident is my motivation.” Bell, who is 26 and was born in the Bronx, has been in the makeup industry for almost seven years, working for outfits like Bobbi Brown and as a makeup artist for New York Fashion Week. She branched out on her own a year ago and opened a space in Mamaroneck.

Belle Make-up NYC in Mamaroneck is cozy, decorated with touches of light gray and purple with a chandelier at the entrance. Guests are offered wine, champagne and something tasty to eat. “The atmosphere is relaxing talking girl to girl, with no pressure,” she laughs.

Bell offers individualized and group makeup instruction, event makeup and her own invention: makeup wardrobing. As part of this service she goes through the client’s makeup and lets them know what works and what doesn’t. “In my group classes, some women would have makeup for 10 years, and you can’t (keep it that long) — its makeup.”

She says becoming an entrepreneur hasn’t been exactly as she expected. “There’s no time off, and working consistently to bring in money is a challenge.” Along with chasing the dollars she is traveling about 70 percent of the time for clients, she says. But even with all this, she understands the appeal of business ownership for women and being in control of your schedule. “The challenge for me is that people always underestimate my ability because I’m young.”

In her business, pushing a luxury service is a challenge. She’s had to convince potential customers this is more than just an occasional need, and she’s constantly networking. But she says she’s in it for the long haul, “it’s nice now having a home base in Westchester.”

Regine Coombs, hairstylist

Regine Coombs was born to be an entrepreneur. “I knew at a very young age I was going to be an entrepreneur because I saw my dad do it,” she said. Her father ran several retail businesses in Rockland and Orange counties, and Coombs knew this was what she wanted to do. “I remember the goal was getting my name on a building.”

And she has. Coombs, a Nyack native, has had three successful businesses since 1991: two beauty salons and a restaurant. Currently she owns Regine’s International Beauty Salon in Nanuet. “I had conventional jobs but it was never enough,” she says. They were neither lucrative enough nor gave her enough personal satisfaction.

After training with Vidal Sassoon in the 1980s and working in London, she developed a clientele who kept her first Nyack salon, Regine’s, in business for 14 years. In that time she opened a restaurant called Southern Comfort that she ran for eight years. “There were a lot of 18-hour days,” she remembers.

Now on her third business, she says she’s motivated more by her control over her schedule than the money. “When you get older, it’s quality of life.” It’s also giving back, as Coombs has mentored other hairstylists in her 30-year career and says the next chapter for her is opening another franchise.

Coombs says being good at your craft is just a part of the puzzle to running a successful business. “There’s no handbook to being an entrepreneur, it’s about drive and knowing business.”

Kenyatta Jones-Arietta, real estate broker/owner

Kenyatta Jones-Arietta was an interior designer in Manhattan, but living in Tappan and commuting to the city was taking its toll. “I wasn’t happy with the quality of life with my children.”

So though she had two mortgages on her home, Jones-Arietta quit her job and became a real estate agent. “I sold 12 properties that first year and didn’t look back.”

That was in 2005; she was working for a franchise broker. Then in 2013 she went out on her own, launching R2M Realty. “It was amazing, as if I should be doing it all along,” Jones-Arietta says.

R2M Realty means “Ready 2 Move.” “When you are ready to move, we are ready to help,” she explains. Jones-Arietta says the Nyack boutique firm is hands-on with clients. “The sellers and buyers can tap into me anytime as if they are my own personal clients.”

She says she handpicks her agents, and they all have been closing deals within the first year of business. With about 12 agents and not the usual franchise fees as with bigger agencies, they’ve been able to give back to the community. “We give back 3 percent of our commission from home sales to our sellers’ or buyers’ local charities of choice,” Jones-Arietta says.

She credits her family with helping: her husband with emotional support and her mother for a financial boost (the mom loan). She also dipped into her 401(k) to start the business. “I didn’t think it was necessary at the time to get more financing.”

Jones-Arietta says she understands the appeal of entrepreneurship for women of color but says it’s really a life people should aspire to. “I’ve learned a lot. I am never bored at work. I get up excited about the day, and that’s the way life should be lived.”

The 42-year-old admits the balance between work and family is still a challenge, and she really only turns it off when she’s at the spa or on a family vacation. But she says she’s never going back. “I can see the big picture. This is what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life.”

Twitter: @krobertslohud

DJ Gatsby Book Club “After Work Meet & Greet” @ The Palisades Mall In West Nyack, NY

DJ Gatsby’s Book Club Rolls Out The Red Carpet For New Yorks Bestselling Authors from Rockland County, NY. Join Us On March 12th At The Chilis Restaurant In The Palisades Mall In West Nyack,NY

Its The DJ Gatsby Book Club Official Coming Out Party !!

“After Work Meet & Greet” @ The Palisades Mall In West Nyack, NY

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djgbc final 3

Vanessa Green Honored at The Nyack Center’s 2015 Black History Month Celebration

047I wanna take this time to personally thank Vanessa Green for her service to the African American Community and her tireless dedication to the fight against Police Brutality. She has taken a stand and given a voice to those who have been murdered in the Black Community. While some choose to “Remain Silent” and others choose to “Riot” she has chosen to lift her voice and confront the system and LawEnforcement to let them know we stand united in our struggle to hold them accountable for their actions.

059We salute you my sister and support you and others like you. Congrats Vanessa Green on being Honored at The Nyack Center’s “Black History Month Celebration” last night in Nyack,NY *Photos courtesy of Jeff Gatsby Wilson & WB Media Group (WBMG)


Naomi’s Program Of Excellence at The Nyack Centers 2015 BHM Celebration

068It was a pleasure meeting Arleen Fabio & Jennifer Cephus *Chair of the Youth Council & Director of the play the kids performed. The play was the most significant performance of the evening and it was brought to us by the beautiful and talented children of “Naomi’s Program Of Excellence”. They performed a Play in which they reenacted a critically acclaimed TV Show “Like It Is” which was hosted by Mr Gil Noble a world famous ABC News Anchor & ABC News Program Moderator.

045The cast of 4 boys and 2 girls discussed the cases of police brutality and the murder of unarmed black men that has rocked the nation and spawned protest across this nation. *Photos courtesy of Jeff Gatsby Wilson & WB Media Group. #TeamGatsby @WBMediaGroup