DJ Gatsby Book Club “Books Of The Month” for October 2016

DJ Gatsby Book Club the #1 On-Line Book club continues to Support African American Authors and Literacy in The Black Community. This month we recommend you buy, read & review books from the following Authors. The Way He Loves Me by Diamond Johnson (Leo Sullivan Presents), They Didn’t Tell You That I Was A Savage by Porscha Sterling (Leo Sullivan Presents), Diamonds & Pearl by K’Wan (St. Martin’s Griffin), Diamonds, Pumps & Glocks by NeNe Capri & BlaQue Angel

The Way He Loves Me Kindle Edition

Mackenzie King was Miramar High school’s most popular girl. All the boys wanted her and majority of the girls envied her. She was even captain of the school’s varsity cheerleading team. But she only had eyes for Darryon Jordan. Darryon was no good for Mackenzie, but it was something about him that kept her coming back for more.

Fast forward, ten years later, and Mackenzie King looks the total opposite of how she did in high school. How could the most talked about and popular senior go from being fit and in shape to overweight and miserable? Well, the way Darryon loved her brought her down that path.

Along Mackenzie’s journey, she comes into contact with ex NFL player for the Miami Dolphins, Janeiro Armstrong. Janeiro is every woman’s dream, but the only woman he seems to want is Mackenzie, and she just can’t seem to understand why.

This book will make you laugh, cry, and smile. Filled with lots of secrets that have been going on for years, heartbreak, and most importantly, loved ones trying to get Mackenzie to see that the way Darryon loved her wasn’t the right way after all.

Didn’t They Tell You That I Was A Savage? Kindle Edition

Juicy Kim had a hard life growing up. Being the only daughter of a prostitute, she’s constantly been pushed to do things that she should have had no part in. When an opportunity arises for her to get enough money to leave home and start her own life, she jumps at it…even though it means she’ll have to risk her life by robbing Chi and Sin, two up and coming players in the dope game. But when Chi discovers her in the middle of the robbery gone wrong, her entire life changes.

Chi, the wild child…the craziest of the Savage twins, is a strong believer of the motto ‘live fast, die young’. His flashy style gave him the name Chicago, but his savage personality won over Juicy’s heart. But although Chi knows that Juicy is a woman like none other he’s met, he can’t let go of his past ways. Chance, Chi’s ex, is one part of his past that he can’t be without but he also can’t stop the fast living, party lifestyle that he loves more than life itself. Will his unwillingness to calm down cost him more than he really wants to give?

Sin is the quiet, more reserved twin. The oldest of the two, Sin has no problem playing the background and letting Chi do his thing. But Sin has a real issue when it comes to Chi’s treatment of Juicy. With Chi jumping in and out of Juicy’s life, it often leaves Sin as the one that she turns to when she needs someone she can trust. But when their relationship makes a turn into a direction that neither one of them suspected, no one is prepared for the outcome. What will happen when Juicy is forced to choose?

Diamonds and Pearl Kindle Edition


NYC Fashion Designer Nathalie Kraynina debuts 2014 Spring Collection at Washington,DC Fashion Show

The Looks and Trends Fashion Show & Lingerie Runway Show and VIP After Party with Lamont Easter at The Huxley in Washington, DC on Friday March 28th 2014 was a huge success.

485505_685160884874367_1265761025_nKudos to The Show Organizer Claire Connelly, Host Actor Lamont Easter, Leia Warren, NY Designer Natalie Kraynina who debuted her 2014 Spring Collection as well as the stunning Lingerie Collection presented by Celine De Paris.

1011030_10203503903542417_1424977866_nLamont Easter shows why he is the “Man of the Hour” as he poses with the Beautiful & Sexy Lingerie Models from the Ella k Modeling Agency last night at The VIP After Party.

*Make-Up was done by Josette Valder, Ariana & Tiffany M. *Hair by Barry D, Smythers and the *Models who wowed the crowd were from The Ella K Agency. *Photo Courtesy Of Mark Kvanati

MODELSSpecial thanks to Gwen Rogers, Marcus Bennett, J.Marks 4th & Dwight Turbodillard for making the night so very special

*photo courtesy Of Elise McNeil 

Special thanks to Claire Connelly, Host Actor Lamont Easter, Leia Warren for making sure me and the WB Media Group Team have a wonderful experience. We all look forward to their next event and so should you.