DJ Gatsby Book Club “Book Of The Month” November 2019

DJ Gatsby Book Club is proud to present their Book of the Month selection for the month of November 2019. “Memoirs Of A Broken Side by Annisa Davis Jackson *Available at Amazon on Kindle and in Paperback .

*As always we encourage all of our members to *Buy, Read & Review all of our books of the month. Click the link to buy this book #DJGBC #TeamGatsby


A man, with a promising football career and destined for greatness, had his life cut short due to his untimely murder on Christmas Eve, 1987. Broken by tragedy, a chain reaction of events kept hold over his entire family, emotionally and spiritually. His children grew up without knowing the truth until a spiritual revelation was given to the middle daughter. She discovers the events in her life were destined by a powerful divine design, to uncover and unveil a truth. This truth was hidden under an ocean of lies, drowned with deception, and the corruption of wrongful convictions behind the true circumstances surrounding her father’s death. As she walked into such purpose, it was revealed that her mission was to seek all truth, which would later turn into a spiritual journey, revealing the Glory of The Most High. At the same time, this would be the catalyst for the healing of her entire family…Through his daughter’s eyes, based on the true story and the life of Annise Davis, Jr., I give you Memoirs of a Broken Side.

About Annisa Davis-Jackson

Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur

Annisa Davis-Jackson, A native of Kansas City, Missouri. Who is a survivor of loosing a parent to violence uncovers the truths behind her father’s murder in her book, ” Memoirs of a Broken Side”, a book based on the life and wrongful death and conviction of Legendary football player Annise Davis Jr. of The University of Missouri and Pittsburgh Steelers. The book of pain, Wrongful persecution, and how the effects of loosing a parent as a child, especially to violent crimes is written by Davis’s daughter Annisa Davis. She reveals the psychological effects of death on children at a young age, coping and battling legal districts and the politics behind her father’s murder



2 thoughts on “DJ Gatsby Book Club “Book Of The Month” November 2019

  1. This Publication is very powerful, you will experience an awakening filled with spiritual enlightenment, a journey of life events well- structured that encourages you to complete the monograph!!!! Personally l was able to resonate receiving a divine confirmation!!!!

    The pages of my book
    one by one has been worn
    you are the next in line
    it’s now….your turn


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