DJGBC Book Review: “Why Does Love Hate Me” by Kennedee Devoe


Kennedee Devoe is back with her latest book “Why Does Love Hate Me” which we believe is loosely base on her love life. If you know anything about this young lady you know she does not hesitate to lay it all on the line when she writes. I have read all of her so called relationship books and this is by far her best work yet. The main character in this story is a very successful and beautiful young lady by the name of Kween Dupree.
Kween has loved & lost before but she is determined to win at love this time with a very handsome and eligible bachelor by the name of Jamarie. They meet and have a whirl wind romance that seems like it is headed towards a fairytale ending.
In true Kennedee Devoe fashion this book is serious, funny and almost impossible to put down. She brings you thru the trials and tribulations of Kween & Jamarie who are both looking for and feel that they have found true love.
We give “Why Does Love Hate Me” by Kennedee Devoe 5 Stars and encourage all of our DJ Gatsby Book Club Members and followers to Buy, Read & Review this book.
Review by Jeff Gatsby Wilson *Founder of DJ Gatsby Book Club



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