DJ Gatsby Book Club May 2018 Book Of The Month “Revenge Plot” by K. Rose

DJ Gatsby Book Club wants to invite you to join us as we #Buy, #Read & #Review our May 2018 #DJGBC  Book Of The Month “Revenge Plot” by K.  Rose.



“Revenge Plot” by K. Rose *Revenge is a dangerous game and everyone wants a part of it. Club owner Terrance G and aspiring doctor Christina White have an unbreakable love, and life is good, or so Christina thought. Her high on Cloud Nine suddenly comes to a complete halt when Terrance, the love of her life, does the unthinkable. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and revenge is always sweet. Will Christina forgive and forget, or has Terrance opened a whirlwind of lies and distrust, leading Christina into a revenge plot.

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Social Media / Facebook: Kenisha Rose


K. Rose is the author of “Revenge Plot” an Urban Fiction Thriller. Its her debut novel and it has received 5 Star Amazon Book Reviews from her readers and was featured on the Amazon Best Sellers List.
Born in Miami, Fl but raised in Georgia K. Rose currently resides in Atlanta, Ga. She is a graduate of the University of West Georgia. Aside from her life as an author she takes pride in her position as a Paralegal / Office Manager. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her love ones and writing thrilling, pearl clenching novels.
You can connect with K. Rose on Facebook @  Kenisha Rose and Instagram @ k_rose_16 

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