Author Willow Bellevue on The WBMG Radio with DJ Gatsby 5/25/18

The WBMG Radio Show with DJ Gatsby welcomes Author Willow Bellevue as our guest on May 25th 2018. Join us as we talk to Willow about her life her, her passions and her latest book “Welcome Our New Student ! Hello my name is; Woodly Wiley Pierre”

The Show starts at 6:30 pm and runs till 7:00 pm *Call (917) 889-2866 to speak or listen in to Willow and chat with DJ Gatsby.  *Click this link to listen online



Wilhelmine Bellevue also known as Willow B. or Willow is a CEO, Lifestyle Blogger, and Author.  Willow’s company, Teresas’s Eyes Inc is named after her grandmother, Theresa Molin. Theresa Molin was an Evangelist and Missionary. Even in her tender age at 97, Theresa loves to laugh, knit, and read the Bible. Most of all, Theresa likes to sing to herself and others!  Willow has adopted Theresa’s views of loving Jesus unconditionally, giving to others passionately,  and singing to herself joyfully.

 Willow B.  has extensive experiences working in business and in educational management. Willow’s charismatic, bubbly, creative, and down to earth approach has allowed her to succeed in both sectors. Willow has worked as a director for city programming at a higher education institution. She has also served as a mentor to many students. Her ability to empathize with others has helped her influence the lives of many people. By facilitating educational and career orientated workshops, she has played a crucial role in helping her students achieve academic, professional, and personal success. She has a special place in her heart for young women and children.

 In her spare time, she enjoys going on walks, listening to music, reading,  exploring cafés and working out.


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