DJ Gatsby Book Club “Top 25 Authors Of 2016”

  1. Joy Elan – 14639773_10154230072753768_6410947569610229776_nJoy Elan is an award winning author and spoken word artist. She has received Honorable Mentions for her books in different international book festivals. In June 2014, she won third place in Oakland’s Got Talent for her spoken word piece, “I’m A Survivor.” She won twice at the National Poetry Awards for Poetry Video of the Year (2015) and Poet of the Year (2016). In the 30th Annual The New York Book Show, she won second place for Children’s Nonfiction Book Cover for Silence Is Not Always Golden: The Power of Spoken Words (2016).Joy Elan is from Oakland and Berkeley, CA. She received her BA degree in African American Studies at UC Berkeley and her MA degree in Education at Stanford University. She was born with a hearing loss and has been wearing hearing aids since she was 15 months. Despite the obstacles she faced, she overcame many of them and continues to overcome obstacles. Her mother always told her that she had three things against her: Black, female, and disabled. Joy Elan went through life prepared for what she would face and has smiled throughout everything she has been through. She is currently working with urban youth in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bestselling Books:Life Is A Canvas, Holding On To My Pride, Silence Is Not Always Golden: The Power of Spoken Words by Joy Elan (2015-07-16).
  2. James Gordon – 15078704_1120188144762810_1181318647475260900_nG.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive) is a multiple international award winning author and poet from the south side of Chicago. He has written several books across may genres inclyding Poetry, Erotica, and Mystery and Suspense, and other his pen name James Gordon, he writes Children’s and Young Adult books and is a champion storyteller. Pizzle O is a international award wining author and poet and hails from Gotham City. He has written both poetry and erotica. Both can be found on Twitter at gr8estpoetalive and
  3. K’Wan – 15380527_10157967818815038_2647129019955481307_nK’wan is a multiple literary award winner and bestselling author of over a dozen titles which include: Gangsta, Road Dawgz, Street Dreams, Hoodlum, Eve, Hood Rat, Blow, Still Hood, Gutter, Section 8, From Harlem with Love, The Leak, Welfare Wifeys, Eviction Notice, Love & Gunplay, Animal, Purple Reign, The 1st & 15th, Ghetto Bastard and Animal II. K’wan is also the author of several dark fantasy novels written under a pseudonym.K’wan has been featured in: Vibe, Pages, King, The Library Journal, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Press, and Time Magazine, to name a few. K’wan was also the recipient of the 2012 and 13 Street Lit Book Award Medals (SLBAM) in adult fiction for Eviction Notice and Animal. His credits also include featured commentary in the award winning Documentary Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp (produced by Ice-T) as well as a reoccurring role as an analyst on TV-One’s Celebrity Crime Files.K’wan currently resides in New Jersey where he is working on his next novel. Please visit his website:
  4. 71z5rrejual-_ux250_Bernice Mcfadden – Bernice L. McFadden is the author of nine critically acclaimed novels including Sugar, Loving Donovan, Nowhere Is a Place, The Warmest December, Gathering of Waters (a New York Times Editors’ Choice and one of the 100 Notable Books of 2012), and Glorious, which was featured in O, The Oprah Magazine and was a finalist for the NAACP Image Award. She is a three-time Hurston/Wright Legacy Award finalist, as well as the recipient of three awards from the BCALA. McFadden also writes humorous erotica under the pseudonym: Geneva Holliday.
  5.  14568031_1107544775967354_3602346443524476962_nRacquel Williams – Author turned Publisher and now Bestselling Author who has just inked a book deal with Author, Publisher  and Movie Producer “The one and only” Carl Weber. Racquel Williams is by far one of the smartest and most business savy women in the book game right now. Her talent as a writer is unquestionable and she has the books to prove it.  The Bottom Bitch Series and The My Husbands Whore Series are just a few of the books that have made her a household name in the Urban Fiction Genre.To purchase books by Racquel Williams on Kindle & In Paperback  visit To learn more about Racquel Williams and Racquel Williams Presents just Follow her Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  6. 15338869_1849835298595042_2930853976094325698_nPorscha Sterling – Porscha Sterling is a best selling author, publisher and entrepreneur. She’s best known as the author of the King of the Streets, Queen of His Heart series, which sold more than 5,000 copies in the first 24 hours of the release of each part of the series.Born in Hollywood, FL, Sterling obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Master’s degree in Business Management before deciding to follow her passion and write novels. Her first novel, 3 Queens, was released in January 2014 and since then, she’s gone on to pen dozens of novels, with each of them topping the best-seller’s list in their genre. In late 2014, Sterling explored writing under the pen name, Leah Carrington, and released an interracial romance series, titled The Billionaire’s Secret Wife, which debuted in the top 5 on the best-seller’s list for Multiracial Romance novels.In 2014, Sterling decided to try her hand at publishing and Royalty Publishing House was created. Under her expert leadership, Royalty Publishing House has established itself as a stronghold in the African-American literary community, publishing many top-selling novels in the Urban, Contemporary Romance, Interracial Romance and Women’s Fiction genres. Royalty Publishing House also has many subsidiary companies, publishing in multiple genres, not limited to Paranormal Fiction, Historical Romance, Erotica and Christian Fiction. Currently, Sterling is striving to make Royalty Publishing House a full service publishing company that is able to meet the needs of every reader regardless of their taste preferences.In 2016, Sterling partnered with fellow best-selling author and publisher, Leo Sullivan, on the launch of a mobile app, known as the LiT eReader, that enables readers to access exclusive material published between the two companies as well as other independent authors. Regarded as something new and fresh within the African-American fiction industry, the LiT eReading application is said to give readers a premium reading experience, enabling them to read novels as they never have before.Sterling’s current focus is on being an amazing mother to her son, leading Royalty Publishing House into literary greatness and providing high quality and entertaining novels to her dedicated readers as well as heading the new and upcoming blog, The Queen Dynasty. She also looks to expand her brand by focusing on children’s novels and exploring film and stage plays in the near future.
  7. 14650492_1282562981775625_1948074948318105928_n.jpgLeo Sullivan – Leo Sullivan is a versatile writer, with Urban Fiction being one of the many genres that he enjoys. In 2005, Leo Sullivan signed to Triple Crown Productions and took the urban literary world by storm with has mega hit, debut novel, Life (Life Without Hope). It has sold over a hundred thousand copies to date. It is still considered an urban street classic. His follow up novel, Gangster’s B*tch, has been featured in such magazines as Essence, Don Diva, King, and XXL just to name a few. He has also written other best selling novels, such as Innocent, and its sequel, Innocent Forever, as well as In this life for adult and teenage version.In 2011, Leo started his own company, SULLIVAN PRODUCTIONS LLC, Films and literary. He decided to enter the movie industry after writing several screenplays and working with independent movie studios and producers. One of the producers in particular is William Packer. Leo is currently attending college studying film.
  8. 15380868_10154085162619327_3819101862699912052_nNikki Woods – Nikki Woods is the CEO of Nikki Woods Media and Victoria Street Publishing and Media Solutions – social media & personal branding corporations that specializes in providing the tools, support and platforms for transforming writers into published authors. With more than 20 years of traditional media experience as a best-selling author, on-air personality and senior producer of the Tom Joyner Show, the most successful syndicated ur-ban radio show in history, Woods has mastered the art of visibility – reaching more than 10 million people daily. Her passion as a Global Visibility expert is to help clients burst through the barriers that have kept them from becoming players in the world of publish-ing and to empower them to earn a living by telling their own stories.As a highly sought after keynote speaker, who serves as both an OWN ambassador for Pretty Brown Girl Inc., Nikki has earned the title of Global Visibility Expert and continues to reach millions and growing using multi-media to empower and train audiences with messages and methods for excelling in business, marketing and personal growth.Nikki is also the founder of The Spotlight Conference, created to help business and brands gain greater visibility by leveraging content. Here’s to success in the spotlight!Find her on the web:
  9. pizap-com14827942722761Sonovia Alexander – Sonovia  resides in Queens NY, is the mother of 4 children and happily married.  Sonovia has been writing since the age of 7 and her passion has continued up until adulthood. Sonovia wrote her first book when she was 18 but didn’t publish it until years later. She has the heart of gold and is always looking to help others by motivating them to strive for greatness when it comes down to sharing the same passion of writing as her. Sonovia has released over 32 books including her classic series, Silent Cries and Ghetto Love, both have hit number 1 on Amazon and remained number 1 for a month straight.                                                  Sonovia puts her all in to her work holding her readers attention to a point where they dream that they are one of the characters playing a role in certain scenes. (So she was told by a supporter.) She started her own publishing company in June 2014 entitled Snow Publishing where she currently has 15 authors signed under her. One of her authors has even won an award and have hit the number 1 spot on Amazon twice.
    Sonovia has written her first stage play entitled A Pastor’s Downfall which is due to be out in 2015 near fall. She is a woman with many talents and dreams to become bigger than just being a National Best Selling Author. She hopes soon to write movies along with her authors under Snow Publishing.
  10. pizap-com14827946762681Silk White –A native of Harlem, New York, Silk White ( began his writing career in 2006. He is a best selling author of Urban Fiction Novels & Co-Owner of good2go publishing/good2go films. Silk also produces movies and has No Way Out & Black Barbie as film credits to his name. In his spare time, Silk loves to write and act.He is currently producing a new movie and is hard at work on his next novel.
  11. 10999412_338177856386549_1531743546993035136_nKennedee Devoe – Kennedee Devoe is the author of Amazons Bestseller, Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right…It Makes Us Even, With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?, Just Can’t Do Right, and I am Writing a Book…Now What? Kennedee is the Publisher of Devoe Publications. She holds a Masters Degree in Human Services. She currently works in the nonprofit sector as a Program Director. Kennedee hails from Carson, CA, and currently resides in Los Angeles. Kennedee is currently working on her fifth book, which will be released soon.Contact Kennedee at for your next book club meeting, women’s group, or to speak at your event.I am Writing a Book…Now What? Can be purchased directly from authors website.
  12. pizap-com14828020498723Elva NelsonHayes – Elva NelsonHayes is a native of Oakland, Ca. She the creator, producer and host of the TV talk show, “Today’s Community Spotlight” which airs in Berkeley California. Her show is dedicated to highlighting authors and discussing their books. She has also authored and erotica titled “The Island Love Song” and she is currently working on her 3rd book, “Love Lost & Lessons Learned.”
  13. pizap-com14828023701304Terry Wroten – Terry L. Wroten has emerged as the young WestCoast mogul in the urban literature industry with the success from his award-winning debut novel “Natural Born Killaz”. Also, contributing author in the award-winning “Anthology of the Year 2010” “The Massacre” . “2011 Urban Street Author of the Year” “To Live & Die In LA”. “2012 National Best Selling Author” “Girl, I Had Enough”. “2013” “Boy, I Had Enough”. “2014-2015 Books To Films” “Ratchetville series 1-3”. Terry has set December 18th 2016 for the release date of “To Live & Die In LA 2”.He owns a mobile bookstore and 2 chain bookstores and recording studio in Los Angeles. Also, he’s the CEO and Publisher of the #1 premier African American indie publishing company on the WestCoast “No Brakes Publishing & Terry L Wroten Presents”.Visit Terry on or Instagram @Terrywroten.
  14.  10426522_327228084152537_3126921240594460198_nBlaccTopp  – Blacc Topp was born to a father that was a gangster turned preacher and a mother that was a singer, artist, and scholar. He was born into a family of preachers, pimps, prostitues, drug drealers, dopefiends, and squares. BlaccTopp was raised on the streets of South Dallas, Texas. After the death of his father, feeling as though he had nowhere to turn he turned to the gang. The neighborhood gang, Dixon Circle 357um Gangsta Crips is where he would learn to become ruthless and unfeeling. Although he was deep in the gang and game he continued his studies for fear that his mother would make him move to Florida.
    By the age nineteen he had been shot three times and was on his way to the Texas Department of Corrections with a forty year prison sentence for distribution of narcotics. While inside he lost his youngest sister to the violence of drugs in 1996. After serving seven years he was granted parole (mainly due to his mother’s efforts). He used the education that he obtained inside to land a job at a top engineering firm in Texas. He used his love of word play to push himself to local fame on the hip-hop scene in Texas and Florida but, he would lose his mother to cancer in 2006, only to lose his oldest sister to cancer in 2008 and he knew something had to change. He began to chronicle his life, his mishaps and his capers which gave birth to The Hustle Chronicles, his debut novel and soundtrack of the same name. He is a father to three young children and husband to a beautiful and supportive wife. They reside in the state of Florida
  15. r574ngo Kottyn Campbell – Always on cutting edge of Poetry & The Spoken Word Movement, Kottyn Campbell is just the type of artist we love to read & review because she is a such a very unique talent. Since publishing her first book of poetry in 2011 she has been on the road to success and with the release of her latest book ?#‎IAMPOETRYBelieve? I feel this is her year. Great job Kottyn Campbell a/k/a The Soft Spoken Poet
  16. 14117695_1071873556267478_280854439197867694_nLaTonya M. Branham – She is also a contributing writer to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Here Comes the Bride (2012) and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Women (2009). LaTonya is one of the founding partners of the Dayton Book Expo ( As CEO and founder of the Reader2Leader Foundation, LaTonya believes that sharing, teaching, and reading inspirational messages and books makes a great impact on society. In June 2010, LaTonya was presented with the Rose Award from the Dayton Christian Writers’ Guild. LaTonya earned a Master of Arts degree from Antioch University McGregor/Midwest and a Bachelor of Science degree from Wilberforce University. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change at Antioch University. LaTonya serves as a college administrator and as an adjunct professor – teaching Multicultural Education and Reading in the Content Area. LaTonya and her husband serve in community outreach (First Fruits) and youth projects. For more information, please visit
  17. 10548000_662586250526454_8854608164280498112_oBrenda Stokes Lee – Who am I? Good question! Well, most of you know me as Brenda Stokes Lee an Erotic Romance author. What you may not know is that Brenda Stokes Lee is a publisher, writer, novelist, screenwriter and a good old fashioned, down home storyteller who refuses to let a little thing like the truth come between her and a good story. Brenda was born in a small town outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, but was raised in the Washington, DC Metro area. She is a Morgan State University graduate who worked in the medical field for over thirty years. She is an Indie Author who published her first novel, All Mye Queen’s Men on Christmas Eve 2011. Since then she has continued to expand her catalog one book every sixty days or so. Brenda writes in almost every genre except horror. She is creative, funny and full of tall tales of love, mystery, action, fantasy and intrigue. Brenda is an Amazon Bestselling Author and the 2012 BRAB Book Club Best Erotic Romance Novel Award Winner. She spares no expense to entertain you. Her books are an eclectic blend of romance, drama, comedy, action and erotic fire. Marching to a unique rhythm, Brenda Stokes Lee is determined to make you laugh, cry and most important, make you feel alive.
  18. 12033206_676124250754_6922393305439921482_nLaDonna Marie – LaDonna M. Cook is an Author, Writer, Poet, and Motivational Speaker. She published her first poem in anthology: Whispers with The League of American Poets in 2007. In 2010 she self published her first book Expressions of the Mind, Body & Soul. She received a Certificate of Congratulation from Congressman Bennie Thompson 2nd district of MS. She was inducted Who’s Who in Black Mississippi in 2012. In 2013 she released her 2nd book Until Tomorrow Comes. She is apart of the Sibella Poetry Magazine for 2014, and also she is in Anthology: The Gospel According to Poetry. UTC was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2014 Paris Book Festival and 2014 DJ Gatsby Book Club Literary Award in Poetry. She is also a Finalist in 2015 Diva Author / Writer for Divas of Colour International Award. She is a 2015 Finalist for National Indie Excellence Awards, received Honorable Mention in New York Book Festival, Red city book awards Finalist and Bronze Readers’ Favorite Winner. She also placed in New England Book Festival Honorable Mention.
  19. 15179080_1148044431957886_1594849998974085668_nNeNe Capri – NeNe Capri is an Urban Fiction author or as it has been termed Street-Literature. She came on the scene in 2011 breaking boundaries with her first hot and controversial title, “The Pussy Trap”. NeNe signed this series with Wahida Clark Presents Publishing and then began to build her personal brand which she has been coined #Trappin.Currently NeNe Capri is the CEO of “NeNe Capri Presents” Boss Lady Publishing, Writing Royalty and award winning Blogtalk radio show Real Raw Radio & Entertainment and Biltmorre Studios. NeNe holds two certifications in mentoring and is a Certified Bail Bonds Woman and Notary. NeNe is the author of “The Pussy Trap”, “The Pussy Trap 2: The Kiss of Death”, “The Pussy Trap 3: Death by Temptation”, “The Pussy Trap 4: The Shadow of Death” all under NeNe Capri Presents. “Trust No Bitch”, “Trust No Bitch 2: Deadly Silence” and “Trust No Bitch 3: Deadly Alliance” a collaboration with Author Ca$h. She also has a short story entitled “Shattered” in the anthology “Love is Blind” presented by Boo Jackson in which 100% of the proceeds are donated to a battered woman’s shelter to help with the fight against Domestic Violence.
    NeNe signed with “G Street Chronicles” in 2013 and released her latest novel, “Tainted: Lies. Fear. and Death”, “Tainted II: Love. Deception. and Murder” and “Dream Weaver” with Diamonds Pumps and Glocks coming early 2016 a collaboration with Authoress Blaque.
  20. 14706997_10206253588012220_1769988751949448311_oDominique Wilkins – Dominique Wilkins is a licensed cosmetologist, mother and the founder of Christian Authors Promoting Success. Dominique writes short stories in the Urban Christian Fiction genre, to which everyone can relate. In a time where crime is high, morale is low, and drama is everywhere, Dominique writes to encourage her readers and provide them with resources to keep them going and a desire to do better. Read real stories about bad parents, jealous neighbors, backstabbing friends, cheating, love, pain and the ability to inspire change or provide a life lesson. Transferring a decade of emotional support and encouragement from the beauty shop to the pages, these stories are written with biblical scripture intermingled for the reader to refer back to or research for more healing directly from The Bible. Visit her website to learn more about all of her titles, listen to excerpts or enjoy the trailers.
    While there, discover which libraries and physical locations carry her books on their shelves!
  21.  rnvw6h6Eartha Watts Hicks – Eartha Watts-Hicks is the former director of publications for Cultivating Our Sisterhood International Association (COSIA), as well as a member of Project Enterprise, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), and the legendary Harlem Writers Guild. A fellow of the North Country Institute and Retreat for Writers of Color, Eartha’s writings have appeared in several online publications, including Harlem World Magazine,, and Future Her writing advice has been featured in The Writer’s Guide to 2013. In June of 2013, she received the Just R.E.A.D. Award in the fiction category from the NYCHA branch of the NAACP and was named New York City literacy ambassador. In 2014, she was featured in the Congressional Black Caucus as part of the Write It Down panel discussion. She currently leads workshops for the New York Public Library, The National Writers Union, and The New York City Parks Department.
  22.  15622503_909806089155621_6615661884504120187_nLavern Jones Lemon – I am married to a Pastor. I work in Medical Records. As a mother, grandmother, co-worker, etc. I am thankful for this opportunity. It is an honor to share my stories with people around the globe. I believe a person can speak words of inspiration and hope. These positive words will make a huge impact and cause things to change in this sometimes unstable world that we live. Be willing to share your knowledge and spread love. God created everything beautiful!
  23.  15220017_1282941328432140_4300389725070697712_nHaikeem Stokes – This South Philly native is the eldest of three brothers and three sisters, who first fell in love with writing in the fifth grade. He produced several short stories and also illustrated and penned a series of comic strips. By late junior high he used those creative-writing skills to transform short stories into rhymes. While in high school the rhyming evolved into poetry. He has taken his passion for word play, literary arts and finally cultivated it into realizing the dream of writing this first novel.
  24. 15219542_1440992579244288_2779095062659132278_nMichael Downey – Meet Erotic Author & Post Michael Downey or as he is  known to his friends, fans and followers Mr. MD. He is the celebrated author of 4 books with the latest book being “My Life, My Mind, My Ink”  *Synopsis:  I Had to Know I was Nothing to Become Something….offers a glimpse into the life’s journey, philosophies, and poetical works of author and poet Michael Downey also known as MR MD. Get ready to be taken on a sexy and sensuous ride through the mind of MR MD as he tells of his life changing events; shares words of wisdom to challenge your daily walk; and storms your senses with thought provoking poetry.Get your copy of the most talked about ?#‎Erotic? Book Of Poetry.
    “My Life, My Mind, My Ink” By Michael Downey
    *On sale now at @
  25. 13876664_10154262529173260_7604893416878403134_nKeri D. Singleton– Award-winning author of The Wanderer’s Game. He is a versatile and prolific writer who is not afraid to push the envelope and write about taboo subjects. As a popular media personality, he is the host of the syndicated radio show, Keri’s Korner. His many years of experience in the entertainment industry and upbeat personality make him a highly desired publicist. Keri D. Singleton is a rising star who is definitely worth watching!

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