Pearls II the sequel to the Erotic Bestseller Pearls by Hope McGill is here.

DJ Gatsby Book Club wants you to check out Pearls 2 & Pearls 2 Special Edition with alternate ending by the lover of all things Erotic Author Hope McGill . This long awaited sequl is scheduled for a January 20, 2017 release. Act now and take advantage of this exclusive offer from Hope McGill & Ronald Anthony Publications and Pre-Order your copy now @ #TeamCollette #TeamRocky 
Snippet :

Parting her plump wet lips he began to lick slow circles around her hardening clitoris.  When she gasped, a quivery tremor shot up his spine.  Her head rocked back and forth like the exorcist as she tried to scoot away from him.   Victor wrapped his muscular arms around her thighs and pulled her deeper into his now glistening beard.  His tongue a weapon of pleasure in her wet canal, moaning in delight he greedily slurped her nectar.


Synopsis:  Artist Rocky Oliver, a thriving, full-figured vixen is torn between listening to her head or free-falling with her heart.

An auspicious, strapping Entrepreneur, Victor Scott must make a life altering decision when his past comes back to haunt him.

Enamored with what she thinks is love Collette Spencer has put all of her eggs in one basket, willing to risk it all.

Caught in a web of deceit, love and lust each has a decision to make. 

When the stakes become too high the consequences can become deadly.  Who will take the fall?
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