DJGBC “Book Of The Month” July 2016 “My Life, My Mind, My Ink” By Michael Downey

DJ Gatsby Book Club is always known for bringing you the heat and we set the summer off with a sizzling selection of summer reads for all of our members. We know you will be traveling , hitting the roads and hitting the beaches this summer and we want to feed your need to read. As always our mission is to elevate your #mind, #body, #soul and #spirit with the books you want and love. So remember to #BUY #READ #REVIEW all of our July 2016 Book Of The Month selections.

Jeff “Gatsby” Wilson

Founder: DJ Gatsby Book Club #DJGBC

My Life, My Mind, My Ink

Paperback, 116 Pages

paperbackstack_550x498 (63)

My Life, My Mind, My Ink: I Had to Know I was Nothing to Become Something….offers a glimpse into the life’s journey, philosophies, and poetical works of author and poet Michael Downey also known as MR MD. Get ready to be taken on a sexy and sensuous ride through the mind of MR MD as he tells of his life changing events; shares words of wisdom to challenge your daily walk; and storms your senses with thought provoking poetry.

A 5 Star Book  Review by Ardra Huntley
“Amazing to read a man’s point of view about done MR MD.A must read of sensual poems.”

To purchase this book now click on this link @


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