Authors Spotlight: K.D. McGregor “Backs Against The Wall”

Jeff Gatsby Wilson's photo.K.D. McGregor a.k.a Kevin Darnell McGregor born and raised in New York City the Harlem section. Borned by Victoria Garrett but raised by his father Tyrone McGregor. K.D. was raised in a Christian home as a Jehovah Witness for the first 17 years of his life. K.D.’s life took a turn for the worst when his father moved down south and he decided to stay in New York where he went into the foster care system for about 1 year of his life. While in the system he met his first child’s mother who had a son that he named his Junior Kevin McGregor Jr. Right before the birth of his son his father returned and he continued to work for his father’s construction company and took a residence in the newly bought brown stone by his father.

One year into this transition he was encourage to go to college at the age of 19. In college he met his second kids mother who had a son born Darnell McGregor he moved in with her where they lived in the Bronx for about a year. They were young and had fights like many young people do during one of their fights he met a women who quickly became his third kids mother who then had another son born Malik McGregor. K.D’s life was moving along when his father moved again down south leaving him with 3 kids and no real choice or source of income cause his whole life he only worked with his father’s construction company. K.D. tried to pick up where his father left off but with no luck. So with a bad choice he took to the streets and started moving drugs in New York. K.D. did excel at drug dealing for a few years but along the way he caught a few cases where his back was against the wall. Three years into his drug dealing career he was forced to take a prison bid of 4 1/2 to 9 years. It was hell doing the time but K.D. made the best of it by working out and picking up writing. K.D. did 7 years and was released on parole.

pizap.com14584352404872K.D. was having a very hard time making the adjustment back to society so he pick back up where he left off 7 years earlier back drug dealing. Again trouble was not far behind during a drug deal gone wrong a buyer was shot and K.D. and a Acquaintance was arrested. K.D. was offered a life sentence where he had to fight for his freedom two and half years on Rikers Island would drive anyone crazy but during his stay he polished up on his writing skills and knew if he was given a chance he wouldn’t blow it again. K.D. went to trail where if he lost; it would have given him 25 years to life sentence. Lucky for him he won in trail and was released and continued his parole. In May 2014 he was relieved of parole and started his own Publishing Company called F.E.V.E.R Publishing. He was the first author on his imprint and is now seeking other authors with the same skills and passion he possess and have for writing.

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