Sounds Of Sing Sing (A Short Story) by Author George “Naim” Cash

“The Sounds of Sing-Sing” by Author George Cash
*Available now on Amazon Kindle.


Synopsis: From the moment I arrived the power and history of it’s past surrounded my thoughts. The shear fear of the expected and the unexpected had me in it’s grip. My entire body felt like a clinched fist, with the finger nails digging into my palm. It was my own clinched fist digging into my into my own palm, until the barking of an officer snapped me out of my daze saying, “Eyes Front”..


The Good & The Bad 2 Coming in 2016 / Sounds of Sing Sing #OnSaleNow  / The Good & the Bad #OnSaleNow  by George “Naim” Cash from (DJ Gatsby Presents & WBMG Publishing)



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