DJGBC Press Release: Backs Against The Wall by KD McGregor

Backs Against the Wall by K.D. McGregor


There’s only one thing that’s certain in this life, from the day we are all born we will surely die. What makes life interesting is everything that happens in our lives from the beginning to the end.

The Jordan family were no different from anyone else, just a loving family trying to make ends meet in the Brooklyn projects.
After the unexpected passing of their father, the Jordan brothers found themselves pulled into a life of crime struggling to keep there mother, their girlfriends,and most importantly each other from being swallowed up by the mean streets of Brooklyn.

How far would you go to protect the ones you love? What lines would you cross? The question facing the Jordan’s is the same one each of us might have to face any day now. What would you do if your back was AGAINST THE WALL ?

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