WB Media Spotlight: Author Trinity DeKane


Author Trinity DeKane began writing at a young age. Born and raised in Burlington, North Carolina Trinity had experienced alot of different experiences both good and bad which led her to writing.

From Poetry to Urban Fiction, no genre has gone untouched by this author. THOT’s Ambition$ is the first novel publicly released by Trinity and it won’t be the last. Trinity DeKane has other novels written but will be released later on in the future.

Trinity DeKane believes that with the support of her family and friends nothing will stop her from becoming a great author.




T.H.O.T.S AMBITION$ Kindle Edition

trinityJeryca Mebane and her girls were the typical hood chicks-always on the prowl for a come up and dead set on making it out the hood. Jeryca thinks she has the perfect mark to finance her escape in Thad Royster-a certified playboy and drug dealer with plenty of stacks to blow, but what will happen when Thad sees right through her fake persona and phony emotions?
Farrah is the one chick in the crew that lucked up on a guaranteed payday, thanks to becoming Larry’s baby mama, but when Larry flips the script on her, she’s completely thrown off her game. Will her treachery leave her with a debt that requires a larger blood payment than she can afford?
Stephanie stands out from the rest of her clique, but her brains and loyalty to Chris give her the inside track on Thad’s hustle. When Thad’s crew makes a dirty play, she’s forced to choose between riding for her man and her loyalty to her girls-which side of the come up will she stand on when the dust settles?
Dana is the only chick in the clique that intends to get her money the legit way. With a budding career in law, she decides to change her circle and shed the “hood chick” label, but when old ties pull on her heartstrings, she’s quickly pulled back into the mix. Will she be able to mix the “old and new” to make one final play and fulfill their T.H.O.T.S AMBITION$?


T.H.O.T.S AMBITION$ 2 Kindle Edition

5122SeDic-L._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_Jeryca Mebane and her crew are at it again, but this time, they are playing for keeps.
Dana has taken the role as the leader of their robbing crew and is determined to find out just who is loyal and who isn’t. Is she ready to face the harsh truth?
Stephanie is ready to move forward with her life and her new love, but will her need for one more lick pull her all the way in?
Farrah is fighting a war to keep her son, and she has decided that she will do whatever it takes to keep him. Has she taken on more than she can handle?
Jeryca is fueled with anger, and she is out to settle the score with everyone who has crossed her and her first target, Thad!
Thad and his crew are searching for the niggas responsible for the murderous and thieving acts that occurred at his trap house, but will they find that leaving well enough alone was better?


Gathering Lilies Paperback – 

There is a killer on the prowl in a small town in North Carolina and he is determined to find his Perfect Lily. As his reign of terror continues his detailed book of logged events/murders disappear and he becomes desperate to find it. He races to find his manuscript and clean up all trails that could point him out as a murderer. In the process of cleaning up his mess he is blindsided by a beauty that he immediately decides that he has to add to his collection. Will he remove all the evidence that could point to him or will his quest to collect the Perfect Lily become his final chapter?



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