DJ Gatsby Book Club “Authors Spotlight” Bestselling Author Tumika Patrice Cain

12004799_10207481586216011_3489962330723428667_nDJ Gatsby Book Club wants to “Spotlight” their first Author of 2016. Her name is Tumika Patrice Cain and we hope you will love her books as we do. As always we request all of our members to support African American Literature. #Buy #Read #Review

Tumika Patrice Cain is an award winning author, radio show host, blogger, poet, motivator, founder of the Say What?? Book Club, and columnist/book reviewer for PEN’Ashe Magazine. Her works center around the complexities of the human experience and in uplifting the spirit. An assignment for a second grade class sparked her interest in writing that would quickly become her raison d’etre.

As an educator, she wholeheartedly believes that each one should reach one; each one should teach one. When she is not writing, she may be found teaching writer’s workshops, blogging, volunteering, and otherwise beautifying the world around her.

patrie cain

She is the author of the award winning novels, When A Man Loves A Woman; Season of Change; After the Rain…a Poetry Collective; and The Heart of a Woman: Poetry, Short Stories & Tekaisms. Her works have been published in a number of anthologies, magazines and periodicals.

12472243_10208110577420398_5971254243673047296_nYou may follow her on Facebook: Tumika Patrice Cain and on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Goodreads: @TumikaPatrice.


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