Author & Poet LaDonna Marie wins 2015 “Readers Favorite” Award for Poetry

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Shattered Pieces Being Restored
by LaDonna Marie
Poetry – Inspirational
94 Pages
Reviewed on 04/20/2015

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Author & Poet LaDonna Marie

Hailed by American and European literary review experts as one the greatest up and coming act-provoking writers, is LaDonna Marie. The literary artist is an award-winning, international and best selling author. She also is a motivational speaker and founder of Planting Positive Seeds.

Having earned some of the industry’s most glowing reviews, the critically acclaimed writer will be the first to tell you that she traveled a long way to the remarkable destination she now enjoys.

LaDonna published her first poem in an anthology, “Whispers with The League of American Poets,” in 2007, and went on to self-publish her freshman book, “Expressions of the Mind, Body & Soul,” three years later. Without any effort on her part, she was recognized and received a Certificate of Congratulations from Congressman Bennie Thompson, 2nd district of Mississippi.

There’s nothing minimalist about her accomplishments which include wide-ranging collaborations and associations ranging from a U. S. Representative, to Australia, London, South Africa, and Italy hosts.

In addition to her extraordinary and unprecedented impact upon the literary industry, she’s also a vibrant keynote and motivational speaker for several youth groups. LaDonna has a penchant for inspiring entrepreneurs, children, artists, writers and politicians, alike.

The world-renowned writer can be inspirational and melancholy. At one moment she’s vulnerable; the next, she’s conveying a display of empowerment. Her astonishing talent and proverbial delivery paints portraits in vivid detail for secular and spiritual audiences alike.

5 Star Book Review
Readers\' Favorite Book Contest Award Winner

Reviewed by Charity Tober for Readers’ Favorite

Lessons: Shattered Pieces Being Restored by LaDonna Marie is an inspirational and self-motivational read. The book follows the stories of three different girls, Chantel, Casey and Mandy, as they navigate this hard journey called life. The author writes a short scenario for each girl, explaining their current place in their lives, along with their feelings, and then utilizes multiple thought-provoking poems to further express the feelings and resolutions for each situation. LaDonna Marie covers a multitude of common situations, such as bullying, past regrets, anger, parental loss, self-esteem and love, to name just a few.

I found Lessons: Shattered Pieces Being Restored to be such a beautiful book. The poems were inspiring, lyrical as well as reflective. The author takes a Christian viewpoint to show people that life is worth living, each person has worth and no matter what, everyone can prevail if they just try. Nothing is too hard or too bleak to overcome. The book directs readers to have faith that God will see you through, and to believe that you can beat all odds and make it. I would recommend this book to young (tween to teen) girls especially, as I believe they can relate to the struggles and lives of the three young girls mentioned. Parents with teen children can benefit from reading this book as well, as the author provides so many inspirational and motivational solutions to dealing with life issues. A positive mindset is a powerful tool when dealing with life’s hardships. Kudos to LaDonna Marie for providing such an empowering book.

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