DJ Gatsby Book Club: Books Of The Month Oct 2015

With fall upon us it’s time for us to get prepared for the winter months and the Holiday Season. This month’s books have a flair for the dramatic as well as some powerful and touching stories that are guaranteed to warm your soul. As alway no matter which books appeal to you please Buy, Read & Review the ones you chose.

Just Can’t Do Right

by Kennedee Devoe 

kennedee 2015 4Gino Baptise comes from a long family line of men who just can’t do right by the women in their lives. He never expects his player ways to land him in the one place he never wanted to be: PRISON. As he awaits his trial, he finds himself drawn to the stories of his fellow inmates, Tiny Toni, Money Mike, and Black Bill. He discovers that he is not the only one who has let love and lust draw him down a dark path. As he gains insight into himself, he finds himself at a crossroad where he must make a decision that could ultimately decide his fate and change his life.

Asperous Artistry

by Kondwani Fidel 

kondwaniBaltimore’s own Kondwani Fidel creates a visual masterpiece in this compilation of poetic expressions. With over 100 pages, Asperous Artistry will create tears of joy, pain, and love. He fulfills an image of life fulfillment and enlightenment through the collection.

How A Man Loves His Woman

by Andrea Yvette

andrea book 2Jeremiah is handsome, successful and totally devoted to his wife, Lena. Their nearly perfect life is missing just one thing – the child they’ve been trying to conceive for 3 years. Thinking something might be wrong with why they can’t seem to conceive lands each of them at the doctor. A nearly fatal illness reveals more about their marriage than could have been expected. As this loving couple works through the “in sickness and in health” part of their marital vows, a deeper level of love, faith and commitment emerge, showcasing in the end, the true meaning of unconditional love.

Improper Love: …when revenge is bittersweet

by Brooklyn June 

518ezCT-ylL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Lite and Kayson are childhood homeboys, Damara and Londyn are half sisters and they’re all in love. Kayson’s love for Damara is intense because they got together after his devastating break up and Lite and Londyn have the perfect relationship; together, they’re one big happy family, on the surface.

Lite and Kayson are finally making money in the dope game and everyone knows more money means more problems. A crew, Fulton Mob, are looking to take over their spot and the homeboys have to defend their territory. Ready for battle, they go up against the Fulton Mob but Lite is gunned down during the fight. Kayson, overrun with guilt, has to break the news to his girl Londyn but before he gets a chance to tell her the horrible news, another tragedy hits and he and Londyn are overwhelmed.

Kayson vows revenge for Lite’s murder then runs into more problems when Maximillion Price wants him to join his organization. Kayson refuses and finds himself up against one of the most powerful men he has ever faced. While he is preparing for battle, he checks on Londyn and can feel her loneliness due to her loss but she is also showing signs of attraction and he ignores them because nothing romantic between them could ever happen.

Kayson finds himself in a battle with Maximillion that he can’t win and ultimately surrenders then decides to join his organization. It seems like a great move for Kayson until a heartbreaking secret is revealed that is so scandalous it threatens his new affiliation with Maximilion. An Improper Love will give you a surprise ending that will have you shaking your head at the ultimate betrayal that makes Kayson’s revenge…bittersweet.

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