DJ Gatsby Book Club: Book Of The Month September 2015

These are our DJ Gatsby Book Club “Book Of The Month” selections for September 2015. This has been a great summer and as we head into the fall we want to recommend you a few good books to read. As always we encourage all of our On-Line DJGBC members to Purchase, Read & Leave Book Reviews on Amazon.Com for all of our books.



The only thing harder than change is staying the same.” This saying becomes true whenMaurice, a young drug boss from the streets of Trenton, New Jersey, becomes extremelyconflicted as he begins to experience a series of dreams that could be deemed nothing less thansupernatural.Each dream takes him on a roller-coaster ride through an unfamiliar historic past – repletewith lessons that he had not learned; and, therefore, could not apply to his young and tumultuouslife. Nevertheless, the dreams continued to fiercely and frequently invade his being, somehowexchanging his now with his then. But that’s impossible! He wasn’t there or was he? Terrified by his inability to protect himself from dreams that could not be real, Maurice isfaced with a life-altering decision when a bitter drug-rival challenges his control over his all-too-real marked territory by invading it.


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