DJ Gatsby Book Reviews: “Fade To Black” by Author Khalil Hakim

DJ Gatsby gives “Fade To Black” a  5 STAR Amazon Book Review:

“Fade To Black” By Author / Pastor Khalil Hakim

fade amazon

Author Khalil Hakim affectionately known as Pastor K by the members of his church in Oklahoma has penned a classic novel with his latest book Fade To Black He proves that he is more than just a man of God but a man with a conscious and a desire to make a difference in the lives of his readers.

You will laugh, cry and even get angry at the choices our main character (Maurice) makes based on his dreams of changing his life around. Fade To Blackis a gripping coming of age story that tests a young mans willingness to change from a life of crime and drug dealing to becoming a responsible adult.

Brothers and Sisters I encourage all of you to read and recommend this book to family and friends, not just because it’s a great book, but because it can help elevate our consiousness in the black community.

Khalil Book Picture

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*Fade To Black Is Available on Kindle & in Paperback at Amazon.Com

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