DJ Gatsby Book Club Book Review: “Pinks Misery” by Sonovia Alexander

5.0 out of 5 stars Misery Loves Company
This review is from: Pinks Misery (Paperback).
sono 2015 1

This is the first of many books that I will be reading and reviewing by National Bestselling Author Sonovia Alexander. The way she develpos her characters and the plot line will leave you breathless. Pinks Misery is a gut wrenching tale of two sisters who are left to fend for themselves after their mother runs out on them. At first I was touched by the way the older sister Jasmine tries her best to look after her younger sister. But as Pink shows the drive and determination to succeed in life it seems everyone around her was determind to see her fail.

I was not ready for the way this story tested my ability to keep an open mind as the story came to a sensational and surprising end. Sometimes life does not end happily ever after, and “Pinks Misery will remind you to keep your friends and family close while keeping your enemies closer.

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