DJ Gatsby Book Club Authors Spotlight: Edith Nevis “Step Out Of Your Box”

11900016_10204908801260408_7767550680731792705_nStep Out of Your Box: 31-Days of Daily Encouragement by Edith Nevis

In her dynamic new devotional, Step Out of Your Box: 31-Days of Daily Encouragement, author Edith Nevis will inspire and motivate you to step out on faith, tear down emotional walls, and allow God’s love to lead you into victorious living. This practical easy to follow devotion includes a personal journal for your convenience.

About The Author……
buffy 1Edith Nevis began her career 30 years ago within the Food and Beverage Industry, Hotel Hospitality, and Corporate America. While studying Theology at Nyack College and previously attending DeVry University, the field of study, BA Business Administration, Edith interest in writing grew. In 2010, while chronicling the life of a friend three-year journey as a missionary, Edith became inspired to begin writing inspirational blogs. It was through the blogs and the need to further her faith; eventually led Edith to create daily devotions within her social media page. Edith current profession is within hospitality management. And while Edith has achieved great success throughout her career as an effective leader, teacher, and mentor, her passion is helping others. In Edith spare time, she enjoys preparing fabulous meals for family and friends, traveling, reading, and most importantly serving the Lord.

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