DJGBC “Book Of The Month” July 2015 – Finding Fault In Our Love by Brenda Stokes Lee

11222813_789324161185995_3110879724847061556_nFinding Fault In Our Love

The Naked Truth About Love continues. DIRTY SNEAK PEEK (This unedited preview is for mature readers only. This file contains an explicit sex scene.)
It takes an extraordinary woman to wrestle the NFL Superstar Teddy Bear Davine into submission and drag this self-proclaimed Giggahoe to the altar. Parisa Crown aka Miss Priss was just the woman sexy enough, bold enough and arrogant enough to do it. Stunningly beautiful, hella sexy, smart and confident, the Atlanta native reinvented herself in Paris and now breaks hearts on two continents. Teddy’s heart has been wrapped around her finger since grade school. Now, a succulent hunk of white chocolate, Austin Gauthier has fallen prey to her spellbinding allure. Austin, a native Frenchman is a highly acclaimed, professional soccer player with a groupie roster a million deep… But only one woman makes his blood boil and his toes curl. Two men, both extremely handsome, filthy rich and completely in love with Miss Priss vie for her affection.They both adore her, but only one can have her. She is torn between two wedding proposals and has only one shot at happily ever after… Who will she choose?

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