DJ Gatsby Book Club Authors Spotlight: Bestselling Author Cole B. Hicks “Unique Shades” (Snow Publishing)

Introducing Snow Publishing Author Cole B. Hicks..

cole b 1Hi I’m the author Cole B. Hicks of Forbidden Curses. I’m married for seventeen years my husband and I have six adult children and four granddaughters. I was born in queens NY and raised in Dallas Texas. I currently reside in Queens NY. Writing has been a passion of mines since I was eight. I started writing poems. I write as a form of escape. I have battled the addiction demon it’s a long hard fight. With god all things are possible. I always felt labeled and ashamed of some of the choices I made. By telling my story I am no longer ashamed. It’s a disease. Everyone has a story my book is fiction based. I’m sure a lot of people can relate addiction can be with drugs, food, and money. With a strong support system and a higher power of your understanding all things are possible.

sono 17Best Selling Author Cole B. Hicks takes her readers into the world of interracial relationships with her latest book “Unique Shades”! Katherine is your typical female. Blonde hair, green eyes, and weighs about 125 pounds. Katherine meets a very handsome young man named Brock. He’s a reserved guy with a dark past.
Upon meeting, a spark was evident and the chemistry was explosive like C-4. Katherine becomes caught up in Brock’s web and their relationship builds. The looks, stares, and rejection was perceptible because many people did not approve of interracial dating or relationships.
After a few months into their relationship, Katherine receives some devastating news that could affect both her and Brock’s future. The day that Katherine receives the news, she discovers that she is not the only female in Brock’s life.
Katherine is now facing tough dilemmas as she tries to decide what the next step of her life will be. How can she win Brock over to be the man that she needs him to be? How will her devastating news affect her future? How will her life in general change and the opinions of their peers, family, and friends will be affected? Buy this book now to find out what happens to Katherine and Brock!!


*Unique Shades by Cole B. Hick & Snow Publishing is available at Amazon.Com

*Follow Cole B. Hick on Facebook at Cole B. Hicks


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