DJ Gatsby Book Club / WB Media Group Spotlight: “The Soft Spoken Poet” Kottyn Campbell #IAMPOETRY “Believe”

Here at DJ Gatsby Book Club & WB Media Group we pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of Poetry & The Spoken Word Movement. Kottyn Campbell is just the type of artist we love to present because she is a such a very unique talent. Since publishing her first book of poetry in 2009 she has been on the road to success and with the release of her latest book #IAMPOETRY “Believe”  we feel this is her year.
 The Softest Voice in Poetry! Kottyn (cot-ton) 
The Soft Spoken Poet, Queen of her Own & the Lady of Love
kottyn 2She is Queen and she is more than a triple threat, first she a Poet, Second an Author, Third a Performer and then she is a business woman and her voice alone will have you hypnotized.
She surpasses most poets because of her ability to become the character in her poetry. Kottyn when she’s performing cannot be compared to anyone, partially because those that she has been inspired by range from friends, family and acquaintances.
God, joy, happiness, sadness and heartache that she has experienced over time has caused her to write the way she does. Wanting to make a difference in the way people love and express that love in any relationship.
Kottyn “SoftSpokenPoet has written books such as “He’s Beautiful to me”, “Strong in my woman” “The Love Letter”, “Sweet Mangos”  and “10 Reasons Why Black Men Stop Dating Black Women”. Kottyn has participated in her first anthology “Nights Playground” Nocturnal Naughtiness which she came up with the title designed the cover and contributed her writing. Night’s Playground” is a GPA MEDIA INC Presentation.
kottynThis woman, when performing on stage brings poetry to life. Her gorgeous legs, which are beautiful has been used has her signature in most of her books.
Her confident ways she states that she is Poetry which is the title of her new book “#IAMPOETRY “Believe” .
Her soft subtle flirty way gives you the illusion that she’s speaking only to you. She enjoys speaking on relationships and how they can be improved; she does that through her poetic flow. Her desire to have love and to be loved has sparked her interest to write for those who can’t write or say what’s on their hearts.
kottyn 3Kottyn is a business woman as well, she Markets and Promotes for GPA MEDIA INC. and Just Write…TheArtOf  Kottyn has also started filming for her new reality show “Writers Block”.
Kottyn was raised in Kansas City, KS.
Kottyn has been writing for over ten years and just decided in 2009 to publish her first book. Kottyn will continue to write and put out positive messages about love, happiness, romance and relationships until God says her time is done.
Follow Kottyn 
Twitter – @KottynSoftSpken 
IG – @softspokenpoet 
Facebook – @Kottyns Poetry 
Reverberation – Soft Spoken Poet 

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