DJ Gatsby Book Club Authors Spotlight: Terrance “Frazier Boy” Frazier & “The Devils Dust”

  • Every few years or so an author comes along who has a writing style that sets him apart from the typical writer & that author is Frazier Boy. He was introduced to readers in 2011 with the release of “The Hustle” on DC BookDiva Publications. He is now back with a new publishing company Thin Line Publishing and a new book “The Devils Dust”.  DJ Gatsby Book Club wants you to get reaquainted with this talented writer. 
    frazier boyWho is Terrance “Frazier Boy” Frazier ?
    I’m a loving father, who’s ambitious, motivated, driven and family oriented. I love to travel and meet new people. Not only do I want to entertain through my writing, I’m hoping to inspire the younger generation and get them to be receptive to want to think outside the box and be something other than a rapper, singer, or athlete.

The Devil’s Dust (Thin Line Publishing)

10338336_817230735018926_6643669890225467723_nA weekly dice game ends in bloodshed and an outstanding fatal body count of seven, and one lone survivor; Meeko Sanders, a hustler.
The friends and family members of the deceased are livid and inconsolable. With an understanding of zero, they desire nothing less than retribution-blood for blood!
As a hustler, in the era where the heroin epidemic has a strong hold of the city Meeko has been able to slide through the crevices and cracks of the dangerous St. Louis city streets, somehow managing to avoid run-Ins with the law, ducking jackboys and other envious dealers. However, with Meeko being the only one to survive the dice game slaughter, he’s fallen under the suspicious eyes of the relatives’ and friends of the victims.
Determined to stay alive, Meeko dodges bullets and uses his ‘hood sense’- along with his extensive resources-to survive the relentless attempts on his life. Will Meeko survive this nightmare or will he become another number of the St. Louis death toll.

The Hustle (DC Bookdiva Publications)

frazier 3Fresh off a ten year bid, Sean Martin anticipates picking up the pieces, and becoming the hottest rapper out of Missouri. Focused on changing his life, and putting his hustle skills to work in a different profession, Sean s dreams are stalled when he comes home and is faced with tragedy and the realization that he needs money to back his dreams. The fight to stay on the right path becomes more challenging by the day; money, family, women. Can Sean ride it out and stay focused enough to maintain his new found freedom or will he prove to be addicted to the hustle?

Contact Author Frazier Boy 


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