DJGBC Books Spotlight: NeNe Capri & BlaQue “Diamonds, Pumps & Glocks”

It’s just getting started….Diamonds Pumps and Glocks…. NeNe Capri and The BlaQue LiteraryAssassin Angel….let’s goo..2015 belongs to G Street…!!!‪#‎PAP‬..‪#‎BLP‬‪#‎GStreet‬  – George Sherman Hudson

***Just what the industry been waiting on!!! Two of the most talented females in the game have joined their pens!!! This book is about to raise the bar BACK to where it once was before the bubble gum book craze!!! Stay tuned coming soon! DIAMONDS, PUMPS & GLOCKS…EXCERPT!!!!

“You can do whatever you want to them. Just don’t bruise them or make them bleed from their asses. That shit is hard to explain at the ER,” Mrs. Olivia said as she extended her hand for the stack of money from one of the heads of the clique.
Olivia took the stack, tucked it in her clutch and headed to the door. Tonight was initiation night and they were all to play a part in the celebration.
An evil grin formed on Mink’s partially shaven, dark brown face as he moved towards Samiah, licking his lips and eyeing her curvy hips. He stopped only inches away from her and ran his finger along her arm making goose bumps form on the spot where he’d touched her.
“I want you for myself.” He looked at the bump of her ass in the soft cotton dress and his mouth watered. “I heard you had the type of pussy that a nigga need to just lay in,” he said softly, releasing warm air onto her neck.
Samiah cringed as she felt his rough hands slide up her smooth thigh.
He lifted the dress over her ass cheeks, resting his hand between her butter soft thighs. “We gonna watch the show while I get this fish ready,” he whispered as he positioned himself behind her, pulling her ass against his steel as he circled her clit eagerly awaiting his turn to do as he pleased with her.
1797473_973166959361211_4869736331113754271_n“Y’all niggas get with these bitches; I paid good money for them. Welcome to the family niggas,” he chuckled as he continued to assault Samiah’s clit while squeezing her tender breast.
Together the men drew close to Yanni, Nishay, a new girl named Tiny and Little Jerome. They took them by the hand then surrounded them with about five guys each. To Samiah’s surprise the first one chosen was little Jerome. They wasted no time bending him over and violating him. Tiny fell to her knees and took two dicks in her hand at a time.
Mink’s dick grew harder as he watched the sins of his brothers being displayed for everyone to see. To him the brotherhood was about sharing it all—loyalty, pockets full money and pussy on call. He even supplied boy pussy for his brother who got down like that. He slid his fingers back and forth in Samiah’s wetness enjoying the slight mumbles that escaped her lips involuntarily.
“You know you like this shit,” he said as he tickled her spot. “I’m not letting them get you. You’re for me. I’ma fuck this pussy real good, all night long. I’ma make sure you remember me.” He ran his tongue over her neck and pressed harder between her thighs.
Samiah allowed herself to feel the heat he was giving her. “I want it,” she whispered, trying to convince him that she wanted his unwanted advances.
Mink’s heart sank as her words played loud in his head. “What you want?”
“I want to feel what I heard was a big dick that you know how to use well,” she purred pressing her ass against him, feeling his now erect pole in her plush backside.
“Let’s go,” he growled accepting the challenge. Mink had heard she was the best and could take a dick to the back of her throat like a porn star to make a nigga sing in different languages every time.
“Y’all niggas have fun,” Mink said, grabbing Samiah by the throat and walking her out of the room.
As they eased down the hall Mink touched everything he could get his strong thirsty hands and mouth on. They passed a room where the door was wide open and saw the little white girl Britney and Sulleman. They were hitting little mama in every hole and poor Sulle had a line of niggas holding out their dicks and waiting their turn. Samiah quickly turned her head as the door to Mink’s room popped open and she was pushed roughly inside. Mink wasted no time going after what he wanted. He put the contents of his sweat pants on the nightstand as he stepped out of them, then pulled off his t-shirt. He pushed Samiah back on the bed and climbed between her legs with two swift moves. Mink slipped himself inside of her roughly.
Samiah braced herself for the size the others girls described as torture. Mink took pride in his reputation and began to uphold it with speed and precision. Samiah lay under him gripping him tightly as he drilled her without mercy.
Samiah looked over at the nightstand as he pumped and grunted. She then put in her request. “I want to feel you from the back,” she squeezed him between her thighs.
“Turn over,” he ordered, wasting no time at feeling her soft ass cheeks smack against his pelvis.
Mink went into a zone as her young body flinched with every thrust he delivered. “Don’t run,” he teased as he held her in place.
g streetSamiah tried to concentrate to ease the pain but the sound of his grunts and the painful cries of her family who were being violated in the surrounding rooms played in her head like a skipped record. With his every stroke her heart filled with rage. She rotated her eyes between the broken wooden headboard and the .45 that laid pretty on the nightstand. It was calling her name in time with Mink’s thrusts. Samiah battled with reaching out and grabbing it but the thought of fighting with him sent terror to the center of her bones. She had almost talked herself all the way out of it until she heard Yanni cry out in pain from the depths of her soul. She was begging and pleading, then the words ‘this is the last time’ rang out in Samiah’s mind in stereo. Samiah pushed herself back into Mink with force, causing him to moan and mumble her name. When he reached the edge of no return she pushed and pushed until he busted long and hard. As he stepped back from the bed she dove over, grabbing the gun and a pillow, then braced herself against the headboard squeezing off two into his chest.
Mink put his hand on his heart, gasped for air, eyes wide and full of fear because now he was no longer the predator, he had become the prey. She held the gun firm in her grip until he fell over between the bed and dresser, bleeding heavy and breathing slow.
Samiah waited until his last twitch, then she eased off the bed and slipped her dress over her blood splattered body. Holding the gun in her grip she eased to the door, slowly pulled it open and peeked into the hallway. The screams and grunts of both pain and pleasure filled the dilapidated dwelling, stealing the innocence of every little ear and eye in attendance. She passed the room once occupied by her friends but it was empty. Fully unaware of what she may see when she reached the other end of the hall, Samiah moved slowly toward the living room. Carefully she tiptoed until she came to the doorway and without caution she turned the corner and began to shoot, hitting heads and chest, sending niggas scattering in every direction.


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