DJ Gatsby Book Club “Books Of The Month” for March 2015

Join DJ Gatsby Book Club  as  we celebrate another month of interesting and educational reads. We have four selections which include books by Joy Elan, LaDonna Marie, James Gordon & Brenda Stokes Lee.   As always we encourage you to buy, read & review all of the books featured this month.

Institutional Freedom: A Collection of African American Studies Essays

Joy Elan

joyAs an African American Studies undergraduate student at University of California, Berkeley, Joy Elan wrote papers that revolved around African American life and culture in the United States. This book is a collection of her favorite and best essay topics where she explored different issues in the African American/Black community. The topics ranged from family, education, legal, gender, and political. Institutional Freedom: A Collection of African American Essays is Joy Elan’s voice and these were things that impacted her to be the person she is today: a writer, a teacher, a voice for change. She is presenting this to you to show you how to think outside the box. As she has said before, silence is not always golden and she definitely thinks that knowledge should always be shared.

The Warmest Winter: A James Gordon Mystery

James Gordon

51jYEQznuRLA collage of a grisly murder, rampant adultery, questionable alibis, and heart halting truths heat up what is normally the frosty season of Chicago. Attorney James Gordon is thrust with the unenviable task of trying prove his friend’s innocence in a crime that defies the definition of horrible, while also combating his own demons. Chicago has never been this warm during the Winter.

Lessons: Shattered Pieces Being Restored

LaDonna Marie

la donna 1Lessons: Shattered Pieces Being Restored We live in a day now that we experience so many things. Each life situations maybe ranging from joy, to sadness, and it becomes apart of our story. With the poetic scribes in this book, the author looks at the different life scenarios, the true, real and present issues. Author LaDonna focuses on thoughts about growing pains in life, the ones searching for love, and those who seek to become empowered to grow. It is the author’s hope that each person is able to find the strength to move forward and to seek healing and grow. It is the author’s belief that as you stand strong you will and can make in difficult times. You can rise higher, you can be greater, you can be restored.

Georgia On My Mind Box Collection: BBW, Interacial Erotic Romance Box Set

Brenda Stokes Lee

This Box Collection contains Amazon’s #1 Best Selling African American, Contemporary and Interracial Romance novel, Georgia on My Mind and its holiday sequel Georgia on My Mind This Christmas by Brenda Stokes Lee.
Georgia On My Mind ,
Interior Designer, Georgia Porter, aka Peaches is a strong independent woman. She is a BBW who is holding it down for her man, Charles. Unfortunately, after ten years in a dead end relationship, the beautiful Peaches is still single, thirty pounds heavier and paying all of the bills. To make matters worse, she’s about to be dumped. Along comes a sexy young man from her past, Rashawn, who is completely captivated by the BBW. Rashawn helps her get in shape and wants to help mend her broken heart. But Peaches insecurities won’t allow her to move on and open her heart for new love. See what happens when two men battle over this big, bold and beautiful woman. Who will she choose? Will she try something new, or will she try to salvage her failed relationship? You will not be leave what she does! Hint: Big girls get caught up too. brenda 3Georgia On My Mind This Christmas ,
Georgia Porter aka Peaches is a big, bold, beautiful, black woman who is living a fairytale life after marrying MBL Superstar Rashawn Hitman Martin. Unfortunately, post pregnancy weight gain has her convinced her handsome husband no longer finds her sexy. Embarrassed by her weight, the BBW refuses to allow her husband to see her nude. The Hitman is striking out in the bedroom and desperate for his wife’s attention. As if the couple doesn’t have enough problems… Rashawn’s baby sister shows up at their home, married to a man she dated for three days. Can this family in crisis get through the holidays without killing each other? Will the Hitman continue to strike out? Will Peaches resolve her self-esteem issues and give her man what he needs?

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