DJ Gatsby Book Club “Books of The Month” *January 2015

DJGBC is back with their coveted “Books of the Month” picks for January 2015. We have 5 must reads and we hope you enjoy them all. Please support DJGBC and this months authors by purchasing their books and posting book reviews in Amazon, Goodreads  as well as Barnes & Noble.

1. Georgia On My Mind Box Collection: BBW, Interacial Erotic Romance Box Set [Kindle Edition]

Brenda Stokes Lee

This Box Collection contains Amazon’s #1 Best Selling African American, Contemporary and Interracial Romance novel, Georgia on My Mind and its holiday sequel Georgia on My Mind This Christmas by Brenda Stokes Lee.
This is an interracial, multicultural, African American erotic romance or romance erotica. It is a novel which features either a WWBM sexual relationship, perhaps both. This e-book is considered romance erotica and contains explicit language, explicit sex scenes and some adult situations that some people may find offensive. This book is a complete work of fantasy and therefore is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18 and are NOT related by blood. It is NOT suitable or recommended for anyone under the age of 18 years of age.Brenda Stokes Lee

2. Uncharted Desires [Kindle Edition]

Leatrus Iversen

Growing up, Lydia Morrell longed to be accepted, wanted and above all…loved. Her childhood was a series of disappointments and let downs and as she grew older she discovered an easy way to have to the love and affection she desired, sex.
Lydia finally decides to settle down with one man but she finds herself becoming uninterested and sullen with her mundane life; that is until she meets her tall mysterious and gorgeous escape, Gregory Summit. Their sexual chemistry is everything that she has been craving and she cannot get enough of him.
Lydia finds herself falling deep for this seemingly perfect man until a series of events forces her to reconsider her emotions. Will she stay with him despite his flaws and the rumors or will she listen to her mind and not her heart and let him go?

3. Memoirs of the Homosexual President(told by the First Lady)Paperback

This is a suspense drama set in a historical fiction. Told through the eyes of ‘First Lady Birdy Belle. She recounts a life steeped in hatred and brutality at the hands of the American Confederacy. She eloquently tells the story of the man she loved and the man he loved as they all rose to prominence through hard work, politics and love.

*Book Review by By Cyrus Webb 
In it he discusses the life of a man who would become president through the voice of the some who loves him the most. Their relationship is not perfect, but it is something that she has determined herself to live with. Birdy Belle, however, is not without her own secrets. In the book you are able to see how not only her husband’s indiscretions are revealed but how she is able to discuss her own. We are also able to see how race relations in the 1800 were affected by them at the time, and the way that some were able to receive privileges but at a price.

4. The Words I Didn’t Say [Kindle Edition]

Tamika Newhouse

Janet had been there and done that when it came to love. After a broken heart love was no longer an option for her. No strings, meaningless sex, and random dates were now her top choices. Besides keeping men at a distance and away from her heart was safe right? You can t get hurt if you don’t let anybody in.

But what happens when you suddenly meet someone who just gets you? The moment she met Denim she knew it was something different, something she couldn’t control. And from day one she fought that four letter word, love. Denim had loved and lost and vowed to never feel for anyone ever again and that had worked for years. A successful music producer but a womanizer by nature the day he met Janet his quest to be unattached was challenged. Janet and Denim both fight what was evident, that they both wanted and needed each other. Vowing to just be in the moment and not commit to one another tension grows as their emotions can t be controlled. Random sex want do, the endless dates with unfamiliar faces is getting old, and everyone is compared to the one that matters, each other.

5. Sex & Surrender: An Addict’s Journey Paperback

SEX & SURRENDER follows the journey of A.D. Burks, a recovering sex addict. Raised predominantly in a single-parent religious-based home, A.D. was given every opportunity to succeed in life, and he did. He flourished in education, entertainment and corporate arenas, and his life appeared perfect. Yet deep down his personal life was tormenting him due to the conflict between his spiritual and sexual beliefs. Longing for the perfect/traditional family he never had with his female best-friend, he redirected his pain through countless forms of risky sexual behavior. Sex & Surrender graphically recounts the addictive cycle which lasted nearly 12 years and almost ended his life—until he had a dream that helped him realize he had to find a way out. Therapy and spiritual counseling provided a temporary respite and helped him devise a four-step process to manage his addiction. Yet his true breakthrough didn’t come until the root of his pain was uncovered.

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