Meet BestSelling / International / Literary Award Winning Author LaDonna Marie

 I  was born on a glorious day in September in a small town close to the Mississippi River. Growing up being a child who struggled with self esteem, searching for love and poetry became my voice. Poetry is my story to the world through my creative expressions and challenging perceptions.
 pizap.com13963217953093Today I use my poetry  to shed light on issues, sadness, brokenness, relationships, life experiences, love,  and spirituality . I love to empower and share my story of growth and awareness.  Life is a journey and you have to choose each day your path. My desire is to motivate this generation, appeal to the time, to share my love and positivity with all. I have also started to share my talents by Motivational speaking to young teens to help to encourage and empower.


I am excited that you are here. Writing poetry allows me to share my stories of personal and spiritual growth to the world. I hope you enjoy reading my poetry and that you share it with others.
ladonnaAuthor LaDonna Marie loves to create a positive environment with her words and poetry books. LaDonna Marie aims to produce teachable moments that help others transition through our personal experiences in life. 
LMB offers
1. Coaching /Consulting 
2. Mentoring
3. Workshops/Programs
4. Motivational Speaking 
5. Quality merchandise
CEO and Founder of
LaDonna Marie Books & Planting Positive Seeds
 Contact LMB for  serious booking and inquiries at 
LaDonna Marie books are available on Kindle & Paperback @ Amazon.Com

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