Cyrus Webb gives “SIGNS OF LIFE” by Joy Elán a “5 STAR” Amazon Review

Cyrus Webb gives “SIGNS OF LIFE” by Joy Elán 5 STARS
Review By Cyrus Webb TOP 500 REVIEWER VINE VOICE

“Shares The Challenges All Of Us Face”
When you are going through a difficult time the thing you want most is to know that others understand you. In the poetic journey of Joy Elan we are able to see not only what she was able to face through her words but how much we have in common with her.

elan 1It’s not just about the subjects she discusses: relationships, finances and the daily struggles: it’s the WAY she does it. This is a book that speaks to you on a human level, reminding you of what is good about the world and what we can overcome.

The message I took from this book is that as long as we are alive we have the opportunity to affect our circumstances and our situations. Joy learns how to be a better person, how to take care of herself and focus on what matters. That is something all of us can learn a thing or two about.

SIGNS OF LIFE shares the challenges all of us face and gives us a reason to have hope.

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