DJGBC wants to know, Who is Bestselling Erotic Romance Author Brenda Stokes Lee ?

Bestselling Erotic Romance Author Brenda Stokes Lee is no stranger to the members of DJGBC and Erotic Romance Readers all over the world. But we want to take this opportunity to giver her a chance to re-introduce herself to a new group of readers for 2015. DJGBC & WB Media Group have been supporters of this talented Author for years and are happy that she is still writing. She recently took a short hiatus for personal reason in 2014 but 2015 is sure to be a very successful year for this phenomenal writer

403053_4436615352359_479107691_nWho am I? Good question! Well, most of you know me as Brenda Stokes Lee an Erotic Romance author. What you may not know is that Brenda Stokes Lee is a publisher, writer, novelist, screenwriter and a good old-fashioned, down home storyteller who refuses to let a little thing like the truth come between her and a good story. Brenda was born in a small town outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, but was raised in the Washington, DC Metro area. She is a Morgan State University graduate who worked in the medical field for over thirty years.

81ZsbyhtDRL._SL1500_She is an Indie Author who published her first novel, All Mye Queen’s Men on Christmas Eve 2011. Since then she has continued to expand her catalog one book every sixty days or so. Brenda writes in almost every genre except horror. She is creative, funny and full of tall tales of love, mystery, action, fantasy and intrigue. Brenda is an Amazon Bestselling Author and the 2012 BRAB Book Club Best Erotic Romance Novel Award Winner. She spares no expense to entertain you. Her books are an eclectic blend of romance, drama, comedy, action and erotic fire. Marching to a unique rhythm, Brenda Stokes Lee is determined to make you laugh, cry and most important, make you feel alive.

brenda stokes lee 2015 1On a personal note… Brenda is happily divorced, has two great children, two beautiful grandchildren, a handsome son in-law and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her loving and supportive family

All of the Brenda Stokes Lee books are available at Amazon.Com


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