Lounge Time Stories by Andrea Yvette – Amazon Book Review by Tumika Patrice Cain

December 2, 2014 – By Tumika Cain

Format:Kindle Edition – Lounge Time Stories is a series of 3 unrelated short-stories.
lounge 2Lounge Time Stories is a small collection of short stories written by the talented Andrea Yvette. Not only were the stories engaging, each was written in a different style, voice, and dialect, showcasing the wide range of Andrea’s talent. The stories were full of twists and turns and kept a reader wanting to know what would happen next. I look forward to reading more of her work.
The reviews by Tumika Price Cain are listed for each individual story
f55537830cd66dac2411216c2858710c1. “It Wasn’t Me”
Sara and Angela are identical twins growing up living in the Mississippi Delta. Sara, the younger and more crafty of the two, is always drumming up trouble. Problem is, with her medical condition, only her twin gets in trouble and Angela spends a lifetime covering the tracks and taking the fall for her sister’s actions. When the unthinkable happens during their teenage years, Angela once again comes to the rescue and covers her sister’s tracks the best way she could. For a great many years, nothing became of their crime and on they went into their successful adult lives. A random trip back to the Delta brought it all home when they were confronted with the very issue they’d thought was long buried. This time when the lies were blurted out to save her own behind, Angela didn’t let her sister get away with pinning something of this magnitude on her…or did she?

10516841_10203473021646815_8354317229424797641_n2. “How A Man Loves His Woman”  

Jeremiah is handsome, successful and totally devoted to his wife, Lena. Their nearly perfect life is missing just one thing – the child they’ve been trying to conceive for 3 years. Thinking something might be wrong with why they can’t seem to conceive lands each of them at the doctor. A nearly fatal illness reveals more about their marriage than could have been expected. As this loving couple works through the “in sickness and in health” part of their marital vows, a deeper level of love, faith and commitment emerge, showcasing in the end, the true meaning of unconditional love.

1251562874pizapw14116031313. “They’re Not Your Friends”

Jamie is young, black, educated and successful…and she seems to hate black men. Full of stereotypes, anger, and a desire to be far away from anything urban, even though she’s from “the hood,” Jamie judges, ridicules and insults anything remotely associated with black men. That is until she meets Reggie, a handsome, successful, wealthy black man she met on a blind date. Convinced that he had to be a drug deal, her mouth flapped away, digging a ditch only he could help her out of. When things on her new job took a decidedly negative turn and the man she thought of as Prince Charming revealed who he really was, Jamie is left having to redefine her perception of life, love and success.

Have you read this “Page Turner” yet ?
Andrea Yvette delivers with her first book Lounge Time Stories.The 3 short stories she shares with us “It Wasn’t Me”, “How A Man Loves His Woman” & “They’re Not Your Friends” are some of the best i have ever read. Andrea Yvette proves that she has what it takes to be one of most talked about authors of the year. If you like reading about Romance, Drama & Love “Lounge Time Stories has it all.
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“Lounge Time Stories”  by Andrea Yvette From DJ Gatsby Presents & WBMG Publishing



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