WB Media Group Spotlights Author Doris H. Dancy and her books Shattered Pieces (Redemptive Love Book 2) & Jagged Edges

DJ Gatsby Book Club and WB Media Group continues to bring you some of the most popular authors in Contemporary Fiction. Author Doris H. Dancy is a terrific author with 2 fantastic books, so get to know this talented author and enjoy reading her novels.

10411953_10205311844013812_6054586476599803495_nDoris H. Dancy 

 Doris H. Dancy is an accomplished and award-winning educator, speaker, writing consultant, and playwright.  She is a wife, mother, grandmother, and author. Her life’s focus has been educating our youth in an appreciation of both the written and spoken word.

 Growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina was a joy.  Her parents, Lemuel and Mildred Hodge, provided her with many fantastic opportunities like eight years of private school, piano lessons that started at the age of five, chances to visit large libraries, trips to the movies with her Mom and brother, Ed, travel experiences, a church that made sure she understood her faith, and parents and a grandmother who paid attention to everything that would help her forge a path to a successful life.

           Later, after starting her own business, Pen To Paper Writing Consulting, LLC, she revised the program and presented staff development workshops to a variety of other school divisions, all of which found success with this writing process.  Additionally, she presently provides an editing service for other writers.

 At this point, she is devoting almost all of her time to writing and editing, and has completed two Christian Romance novels, Jagged Edges and the sequel, Shattered Pieces.    These fictional Christian romances introduce the reader to Derek Chase Wellington, III and Zackary Tyler Belford.  Derek is the protagonist in Jagged Edges and Zackary (Zack) is the protagonist in Shattered Pieces.  Both are wealth, both are Harvard graduates with excellent careers; however, both lead different lives and are faced with very different challenges.

 Mrs. Dancy and her husband, Willie Dancy, Jr. attend St. Paul AME Church in Newport News, Virginia, and presently reside in Yorktown, Virginia.  They have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, two sons-in-law, and three fantastic granddaughters, Cadence, Tali, and Zoey.


 International Book Award Finalist for Jagged Edges

The Virginia Outstanding Teacher of English

The National Award for Building Successful Readers

The Governor’s School Outstanding Educator’s Award from the University of Richmond

download (1)Book Description

October 31, 2014

Playing recklessly with love is a dangerous game.

Most people who have known Zackary Tyler Belford for any length of time see nothing more for him than a path leading to destruction. Not even his handsome face, a Harvard Law degree, or limitless wealth can bypass the shattered heart and broken soul of the man-child still held captive by the abuse, accusations, and mistreatment he experienced as a child. Breaking hearts and taking numbers is his MO… a dangerous game of cat and mouse that could very well be his demise. As his life spirals out of control, Zack desperately seeks something to grab… to cling to… as he struggles hopelessly to avoid an inevitable fall… but will he find what he needs in time?

downloadBook Description

July 12, 2013
One Moment of Betrayal Leaves So Much Torn

Derek Wellington had his life set. He was born into wealth, graduated with honors from Harvard Law, and since high school, knew he would marry the beautiful Morgan LaRue. However, somewhere along the way, everything he thought he knew about himself, about Morgan, and even about life itself will boggle his mind, and catapult him into a world of betrayal, deception, and confusion. Somewhere in this darkness, he must search for The Light to find his way out of a maze that, if he fails, will destroy his heart and soul forever.


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