DJ Gatsby Book Clubs Author Spotlight: Author Alexander Smith “In Love’s Time”

Check out this Erotic Tale of Love & Lust “In Loves Time” By Alex Smith..



DJ Gatsby’s Book Club wants you all to get familiar with Author Alex Smith from San Diego, California. He has a new book just released by Pink Kiss Publishing Company entitled “In Loves Time”.

*Purchase “In Love’s Time” (Paperback) – by Alexander M. Smith (Author) Available @ Amazon.Com

In Love’s Time by Alexander Smith

Simply put, love can be elusive. When stimulated by it, the mind and heart’s desire to possess it can often lead us to venture down roads we might never have considered to travel. Yet still we embark upon this venture with no real guarantee, other than the knowledge that if successful all will be right with our world. The truly ironic part is that even if we don’t succeed the very first, second or fifth time, the promise of experiencing this heavenly blissful event, gives us the courage, hope and tenacity required in continuing pursuit of it…

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