WBMG Publishing Present : George “Naim” Cash “The Good & The Bad, I’ve Earned It”

George Naim Cash has penned a “True Story” based on his life and actual events.  The book entitled “The Good & The Bad, I’ve Earned It” from WBMG Publishing is due to be released in 2015. It is sure to be a must read for those who love Autobiography’s & Non Fiction books. 188719_10150472760805385_2368283_n       Georg Naim Cash wrote his book mainly during his jail bid’s  in some of New York State most notorious Penitentiary’s. It follows his life from Childhood to Adulthood and all of the trials and tribulations he survived.  As a teenager he had a promising singing career in a “Boy Band” called Brothers & Friends. He was signed to record deal by Sylvia Robinson and All Platinum Records in New Jersey. But sadly his recording career came to an end before their first album was released. He subsequently turned to a life of crime that had him wanted in 13 states and on the run from the FBI. The Good & The Bad is a story that this young man, felt he had to share in hopes that his experiences could  possibly sway the youth of today from a life of crime. But ultimately he wants to redeem himself and change the perception of him by his family, friends others who knew him back before he turned to a life of crime.

pizap.com14182399302571Signed to WBMG Publishing in 2014 George Naim Cash currently resides in South Carolina and looks forward to the release of his book “The Good &  Bad,  I’ve Earned It” and an upcoming book tour to in 2015 to promote its release.

10421592_854925464529249_2738737464491393187_n (1)*Follow “George Cash”on Facebook.Com

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