DJ Gatsby Book Club: Top 25 African American Fiction Authors of 2014

As another year comes to an end I would like to share the DJ Gatsby Book Club: Top 25 African-American Authors of 2014. I used a very scientific formula to comprise this list and feel i did a very good job in selecting these authors and their position on the list. Some may not agree but that is the beauty of having your own opinion, you get to share it anyway you like. I will say this in my defense that I took Sales rankings as well as the number of book reviews and information from other prominent media sources to compile this list.

pizap.com14194840295681I want to congratulate all of the Authors listed her on a fantastic year and wish them all much success in 2015.

1. Ashley Antoinette

2. Victoria Christopher Murray

3. Zane

4. Wahida Clark

5. Nikki Woods

6. Walter Mosley

7. Kwan

8. Carl Weber

9. Kimberla Lawson Roby

10. Jaquavis Coleman

11. Mary Morrison

12. Jerome Dickey

13. David Weaver

14. Iris Bolling

15. James Gordon

16. Brenda Jackson

17. Jessica Watkins

18. Leo Sullivan

19. T. Styles

20. NeNe Capri

21. Mz Lady P

22. Tiece

23. Mychea

24. S. K. Leesly

25.  April Cox

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