Night’s Playground (Nocturnal Naughtiness) : Poets James Gordon, Kottyn Campbell, Fabolous Fe & Gentlemen Soul

Bestselling Author & Poet James Gordon a/k/a G.P.A.

Poetic Genius and Bestselling Author James Gordon a/k/a G.P.A Greatest Poet Alive returns to The Whos Who In African American Literature Blog Talk Radio Show with a few of his friends. James Gordon is from the South Side of Chicago, where he currently resides. This is his first book, but he has written under the pen name of G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive).He can be seen on the television shows Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Crisis, Mind Games, and Betrayal. His titles as G.P.A. include The Confessional Heart of a Man, The Book of 24 Orgasms, The Mind of a Poetic Unsub, and the history making Revenge of the Orgasm

Author & Poet Kottyn Campbell

First there is Kottyn Campbell a poet who loves talking about LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS. She is single mother of  four beautiful children whom I love very much, my family, and friends. The problem is most of them are’t capable of loving me, mostly because they don’t know how. She writes to teach others about what the true meaning of loving someone means. Now we all have our own way of loving, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how it just means we should open up to different avenues of love. She says that she is a Poet, please don’t confuse me with someone who does Spoken Word I’m not putting down Spoken Word but that’s just not what I do. I have been writing for over ten years I self-published my first book in April 2010 , my books include “The Love Letter”, “He’s Beautiful to me” and “Strong in my Woman” which can be found on I perform in different places and different cities so that I can make my writings come to life in order for my readers to get a feel of what’s been written.

Look for their new book Night’s Playground (Nocturnal Naughtiness) On December 23, 2014


Also scheduled to appear on the show are Poets Fabulous Fe & Gentleman Soul.


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tv show promoWednesday Dec 3rd at 6:30 pm call in # is 347-945-7552

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