Press Release: WB Media Group (The Talk Show With DJ Gatsby)

Official Press Release:
Saturday November 29, 2014
Public Access TV Show Format Change
WB Media Group (The Talk Show With DJ Gatsby)


WB Media Group & Their Public Access TV Show “The Talk Show with DJ Gatsby” will no longer be dedicated “exclusively” to featuring & interviewing African American Authors & Publishers. Due to the lack of support from the Literary Community, Authors, Readers & Viewers we have decided to change the shows format to include a wider range of guests and topics.

While we will continue to have Authors as guests, we will be now be featuring people from The Music, Sports & Entertainment Industry, Community & Political Activist as well as those who wish to come on our show to discuss problems within the Black Community. Issues like Guns, Education, Drugs, Crime, Domestic Violence,Sex & Child Abuse, Racism, Discrimination & Police Brutality will be our man focus as we attempt to reach a broader group of viewers.

We want to thank all of the authors who were kind enough to visit our TV Studios and be interviewed on set, some who traveled from as far away as Florida & California. As well as those who allowed me and my cameras to interview them on location during Book Signings as well as Book Release Party’s here in The Washington, DC metro area.

While there are to many guests to mention here i would like to thank a few, Kitty Jones (Former Co-Host),Monica Mathis-Stowe, RJ Champ, Author Glynda Gamble-Linton, DC Bookdiva, Eyone Williams, Treasure Blue, Elva NelsonHayes, Vanessa Gilmore, K’wan, Author Davian Clifton, Lisa McKenzie, Iris Bolling, Angie Daniels, Ashley Antoinette, Author JaQuavis Coleman, Wahida Clark, Kondwani Fidel Russell, Marcus Bennett, NeNe Capri.

Thank You,


Jeff Gatsby Wilson
President / CEO WB Media Group
Producer / Host of “The Talk Show”


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