Coming soon from DJ Gatsby & WBMG Publishing “FADE TO BLACK” By Khalil Hakim

Coming soon from DJ Gatsby & WBMG Publishing “FADE TO BLACK” By Khalil Hakim



This groundbreaking book confronts Urban Culture With History of Race, Triumph, Forgiveness, and Divine Intervention.“The only thing harder than change is staying the same.” Fade to Black is a riveting tale of a young drug boss from Trenton New Jersey named Maurice who was severely scarred by tragedy. He isolated himself because of abandonment and went on to be hardened by committing murder, he was disillusioned with the duplicity of gang life, motivated by the thrill of rebellion, tormented by a distant and forgotten past, confused about the inescapable present, encouraged through passion sex and arrested by the power of love.

In this spellbinding story, Maurice is taken back in time by a series of rapid fire supernatural dreams that are so vivid and real that he can no longer tell what is real and what is not. When a bitter drug rival begins to invade his territory, he is left with a life altering choice: either continue down the path of drugs, murder, and violence, or embrace the life altering lessons learned from his dreams.

DJ Gatsby & WBMG Publishing “The Next Big Thing In African-American Literature”

*These titles are currently available from WBMG Publishing at Amazon on Kindle & In Paperback

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