DJGBC “Books Of The Month” September 2014

This month has been a very busy one here at DJGBC, our publishing company WBMG Publishing published they’re 2nd book of the year. But not to worry i still have some of the best books released this year on this months “Book of The Month” List. You may not be familiar with some of the authors we choose this month but the books are sure to quench your thirst for something good to read. As always thanks for supporting DJGBC and the Authors we feature.

Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson

mike warrenThe Cool In You by Mike Warren

October 2, 2014
This book is about older gay brothas who still have it going on and wonder why most gay books are about younger gay men who are in their teens, 20’s 30’s. Are older gay brothas not considered attractive, sexy, smart and therefore, no longer wanted by society? This book is about when one’s taste grows up and living your life as an older gay man who still have it going on!

1743603_1533241756913556_616483788133458905_nDream Weaver by Nene Capri

August 19, 2014

When a man has no loyalty he falls into the grip of a code that says death is the only reward for treachery. Derrick is a man that prides himself on backbiting and robbery however he stuck his hands in the wrong man’s pocket. He hides in the shadows whispering the song of deceit until Dream weaves a web of murder that ultimately brings all of Derrick’s lies and deception to the doors of everyone he loves, forcing him to surrender is soul.

The Dream Weaver is a high pace drama that will chill you to the bone as lies, secrets and murder fills every crevice of your mind and never slows down until the vicious are victorious and death is delivered to the whole squad.

61jWdfJCDgL._SL1000_Golden by Charmaine Galloway

January 11, 2014
Twenty year old Golden Brown was a complete mess. On the outside she was cool, calm, and collected. On the inside she was hiding secrets so deep and so dark that thoughts of them made her sick to her stomach and often sent her spiraling into a psychosis that required medication to pull her out. She trusted no one, had faith in no one, got close to no one. But when Marquis Jones, the man of her dreams, came along, everything began to change.
No longer was she able to bury the past in the dredges of her mind. Now it was time to face the demons that had been plaguing her since she was a child. But could Golden do it? Could she conquer a past so sinister it almost killed her just as it had killed another. Or was she destined to let it defeat her and destroy life as she knew it?

81Pfr0e6O9L._SL1500_A Boss Chic 3 by Shantay

October 20, 2014
In the last installment to the Boss Chic series comes the question that everyone is dying to know; did Jasmine die? Seems like the day Jared set eyes on Jasmine, both of their lives have been a living hell. Haters came in all directions trying their hardest to do what nobody could do; tear apart their love. With Jasmine fighting for her life Jared is fighting to keep his sanity. The beast in him awoke and he’s painting Los Angeles red. Will Jasmine survive? Will their love withstand it all? Find out in this gritty urban tale by best selling author Shantay.

10661776_10153179401574502_519350124413722571_oShug’ah by Imani Writes

October 14, 2014

Shug’ah has an ideal teenaged life and a boyfriend who loves her. However, her life changes at fifteen when she becomes the victim of rape. After a year of being violated, Shug’ah puts an end to the assault the only way she knows how…by murdering her rapist.

After serving time in a juvenile facility for murder, at twenty-one, Shug’ah finds herself outcast and alone. She joins an all-male crew, making them her new “family”. She’s got something to prove, becoming a paid killer for one of LAPD’s dirtiest cops. When the crew’s leader is gunned down, Shug’ah steps up to help lead the group. Everything is good until her past shows up, offering her a chance at a life she believed was out of her reach.

Shug’ah’s worlds begin to collide. Can she stop it? Can she really have the happiness she desires? Or is it too late?

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