DJGBC Author Spotlight: The Golden Hustla 2 by Wahida Clark (Wahida Clark Presents)

The Golden Hustla 2 (Release Date – October 28, 2014) by Wahida Clark (Wahida Clark Presents)

10703854_10202930778091065_3875673533839252095_oCorporate Thuggin Hustle. Mafia Hustle. Fifty Million Dollar Hustle. Thats what the struggle all boils down to as Nina Coles, the Golden Hustla from Trenton, New Jersey discovers the unforgiving truth: She can not have both: The man and money of her dreams. Major drama brews once Nina and retired law enforcement agent, Rick Brown (Thug Series) discovers the true love of his life, Kyra Blackshear, is still alive. Is the fifty million dollars he steals with Nina worth losing for true love? Nina escaped once, but can she escape the Golden Hustle twice? Will Rick be her rock or will he choose Kyra? Because eventually Every Thug Needs a Lady.


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  1. Shirley Robinson says:

    Dear Ms.Wahida, how are you doing, I’m fine, my son ask me to send him some of your novel books while he’s in jail I don’t mine, but I want to know how these books are helping him while he’s away because some of these books I read is the same way he got lock up for not thinking.


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