DJ Gatsby Book Clubs Author Spotlight: Author Alexander Smith “In Love’s Time”

DJ Gatsby’s Book Club wants you all to get familiar with Author Alex Smith from San Diego, California. He has a new book just released by Pink Kiss Publishing Company entitled “In Loves Time”.

10423311_10202864576676071_8283367339644518613_nIn Love’s Time by Alexander Smith

Simply put, love can be elusive. When stimulated by it, the mind and heart’s desire to possess it can often lead us to venture down roads we might never have considered to travel. Yet still we embark upon this venture with no real guarantee, other than the knowledge that if successful all will be right with our world. The truly ironic part is that even if we don’t succeed the very first, second or fifth time, the promise of experiencing this heavenly blissful event, gives us the courage, hope and tenacity required in continuing pursuit of it. For those who believe in love will, feel love, seek love, and eventually find love. This lifelong pursuit Trevon Aubrey knows all too well. He’s also well accustomed with the adversities one must sometimes face when becoming involved in a relationship. Ever since being introduced to love at a very young age, Trevon’s had his share of failed relationships. The result of which bringing to mind the question of, “Just how many must I endure before finding my perfect match or soul mate? Simply put, “The One.” A concept, that Trevon strongly believes in. 10712995_10202864590596419_4961280636487516837_nPacked with emotion, “In Love’s Time” is more than a love story. It covers, the love of family, friends, the nuance of new love, the pain of betrayal and loss, lust, desire, the conflicts of career versus relationship, the influence relationships have on the choices we make favorable and unfavorable, setting and achieving goals, the importance of communication, faith, fate and the joy of love reunited. As seen from a male’s perspective, a refreshingly informative view of love and illumination of the journey from adolescence to manhood. The story is sensual and while drawing on the tradition of Erotica, introduces emotional complexity welcomed by readers of almost all genres.

*Purchase “In Love’s Time” (Paperback) – by Alexander M. Smith (Author) Available @ Amazon.Com


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