DJ Gatsby & WBMG Publishing Present: “Lounge Time Stories” by Andrea Yvette

pizap.com14116129769121Author / Publisher Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson and his publishing company WBMG Publishing have  just published their third book of 2014. Careful to not be stereotyped or characterized as publishing books of one particular genre they signed Romance / Drama Author Andrea Yvette.

10680075_10202822300859202_3900654006234025804_oAndrea Yvette, is an inspiration to many mothers and aspiring authors around the world.  She pours all of her passion for family and writing into her first book, “Lounge Time Stories.”  In this thrilling Novella, she shares three very different stories.  First there is, “It Wasn’t Me.” A suspense filled drama that is sure to keep you hanging on every word.  Then there is “How A Man Loves His Woman.”  It is a poetic love story that has a tragic twist and is sure to teach you a thing or two about love.  Finally, she ends the book with “They’re Not Your Friends.” An eye-opening drama that sheds light on the stereotypes and prejudices of dating.

 pizap.com14116287514813Andrea Yvette has been featured in the Author’s Corner of the ever popular online magazine, Trendsetter to Trendsetter, as the Author of the month in 2013.  “Lounge Time Stories” is published by WBMG Publishing and is available on Amazon, Kindle and Nook.  At her reader’s request, Andrea Yvette is currently working on her first poetry book entitled, “Empty Spaces” as well as Volume II, a complete new set  of “Lounge Time Stories.”

*To buy this book click on the link:



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