Sex & Surrender: An Addicts Journey by A.D. Burks

Dear Book Club Coordinator,

SEXWith a writing style similar to E. Lynn Harris and James Baldwin, A.D. Burks is also African American and gay. Known for their unique passions and causes, as well as their stories, A.D. follows in their giant footsteps with a different mission. So many people have asked A.D. whether his story is true, embellished or fabricated. “It’s all true,” he says. “All the pain, all the acting out, and all the recovery are mine.” By openly sharing his life, your book club’s members will be captivated by the book, spend hours discussing his message, and may personally benefit from what they learn.

10460447_896873063662805_5226095322603972962_nA.D. says, “What you don’t address, you can’t change!” He brings a message that is both inspirational and necessary for our communities’ health. Sex addiction is like other addictions—a disease of the mind, body and spirit. It ruins not only the lives of the addicts, but also the lives of those with whom they have relationships. And most importantly, sex addiction can promote AIDS through frequent and unprotected sex.

In Sex and Surrender: An Addict’s Journey, A.D. offers an unflinching, yet vulnerable story of his recovery from sex addiction. His message is one of hope for those who are walking or have walked in his shoes.

Thank you for considering Sex and Surrender: An Addict’s Journey as a new selection for your group.

995254_754197294597050_458350606_nA.D. states: “My purpose and mission is to share my story, provide hope and help others who have been affected by addiction, either directly or indirectly. From my experiences and God’s grace, I have created a four-step process which can be utilized to break the addictive cycle.”

Sex and Surrender: An Addicts Journey by A.D. Burks



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