DJ Gatsby Book Club Spotlights 365 Authors: Jacki Edwards “Just Let My Soul Live”

10170813_10152370692555742_8489464994568224923_nOur featured Author on Day 2 of our 365 Authors in 365 days is Jacki Edwards. Jacki was born in Jamaica and raised in New York. She is a graduate of Walden University and is now a Registered Nurse living in Georgia with her wonderful family. She loves the Lord, her family and writing is one of her passions. In her first published book “Just Let My Soul Live” Jacki shares her story of trials, tribulations and her salvation.  Jacki Edwards wants everyone to check out her book “Just Let My Soul Live”…at,, and ibooks.


This autobiographical book is the story of the author’s tumultuous marriage to her husband and how she reconnected with God through this stormy period in her life. Her book is to bestow a message of hope to readers that God is present in all situations of life, even the stormy ones, and that you can overcome your circumstances only with God’s love and support. For a life story that is marked with several unsettling forms of abuse, the author makes sure to chronicle how God made Himself visible and ushered change into her life. There is a healthy balance of details about her abusive past and about her change in spiritual perspective towards her past. Readers will attest to feeling similar emotions that the author expresses and will be encouraged to follow the same path towards forgiveness as well. The author provides an understandable flow of thought from chapter to chapter in the book, concluding the purpose of previous chapter at its end before starting the next purpose in the next chapter. Readers will not be confused at all by the content’s flow and will appreciate the added attention to detail the author gives in her book. The book is a moving tribute to how God can turn even the most disastrous situations into declarations of faith and trust in Him. The author uses her story to bring God’s presence to the attention of others, which will reassure readers that there is a plan and hope-filled purpose even in destitute situations in their lives.


Purchase “Just Let My Soul Live” by Author Jacki Edwards in Paperback or Kindle at Amazon. Com or Barnes & Noble


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