The Reviews Are In & “Out Of Work” by Chris Henry Is A Hit !!

The Reviews Are In & “Out Of Work” by Chris Henry Is A Hit..


Chris Henry’s debut novel, Out of Work, takes a comedic view at life in the work place from the perspective of a married supervisor. Henry interpolates numerous characters and plot twists into a hilarious look at balancing ambition, loyalty, and personal values within the workplace and home. Out Of Work reads like an adult based sitcom with a number of loose-jointed skits packed together with relatable qualities for the 9-5 worker.

Think of Office Space in a warehouse. However, the brilliance of Out of Work lies within the main character Lionel, who is perfectly written as a newly promoted plant manager at a prominent California warehouse. Despite Lionel’s turn as a middle management jerk, he never seems to loose his charm throughout the novel because of the cartoonishly funny and painfully humbling moments he seems to fall right into both at work and at home. At times, Lionel feels like the literary offspring of Homer Simpson and George Jefferson.

As the loving and deeply supportive wife, Sheila is the appropriate contrast to Lionel and his obvious shortcomings. At more than 450 pages, this massive book may seem a little too long for some readers; but it’s an easy to read novel that builds momentum throughout making it worth every page. With Out of Work, it’s clear Chris Henry is a voice that will undoubtedly be heard from in the coming future.


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